I’ve been very hungry but not enough to kill

Yesterday was a weird day.  As I drove to the real estate marketing meeting, I heard tons of sirens above me on the 680.  Friends of mine said that they were shocked at how many cars that appeared normal in traffic, whipped out a light and magically became police cars.  It was an 11-99 call.  Officer down.  Some shit stain shot a CHP in rush hour traffic.  Luckily there was a second officer available to unload his weapon into said shit stain and eradicate him from this life.

Bay area commuters being the thoughtful oafs that they are, complained about traffic.  You people are assholes.  While I am consistently conflicted about the police, and guns for that matter, a man is clinging to life at John Muir this morning.  I am not conflicted over that.  He has a wife and four children and he was just doing his job.  If you don’t like the way a cop does his job, go to court.  That’s what I do.  You don’t shoot them, they are just doing their jobs.  And bitching about traffic in that situation is the epitome of selfishness.   Traffic was terrible yesterday, downtown Walnut Creek was gridlocked all day, so I went into my office and went to work, and stayed inside yesterday.  One client wanted to see a house, I put her off until today.

I heard a ridiculous amount of bitching about the 11 hours it took to reopen the highway.  By about 2pm the shit stain was dead and it was now an officer down and a shit stain greased on that stretch of highway.  “Hurry up” is not an appropriate response to that investigation.  “Get it right”, which is what the numerous agencies involved were attempting to do.  I hope they do.  And if the shit stain’s family attempts to sue the CHP, it is my hope that the investigation is so air tight that their legal existence is eradicated from the planet as well.  I want a proper collections of the facts that will stand in a court of law.  I don’t want some attorney confusing Mark Furman when we all know that was O.J.’s glove.  If, as a taxpayer, I’m going to pay for an investigation, I want all of the facts collected as facts, not a case built on theory in the field.  Collect the facts, build the case.

This morning the officer is in critical condition and on life support.  I would hope for his family’s sake that he rallies and recovers.  The human body is an amazing thing, we read stories about it’s resilience every day.  I’m just not sure what to do about the greased shit stain that shot him.  That turd hasn’t been identified yet.  I don’t know what we have to do as a society to rid ourselves of the mentality that causes this sort of thing in the first place.  He was pulled over for tags and the officer was going to impound his car.  Annoying but not worth dying over.  I suppose if he was wanted on something and going to go back to the big house when the cop figured out who he was that would be one thing, but otherwise, it’s pretty stupid.

What makes people so ignorant that violence is their first choice?  What is wrong with us as a society?  Why do we keep saying how great we are when this is how we behave?

When in doubt, play the Clash.

Update 9/5/12 7:15a.m.: The CHP is saying this morning that the officer has no hope of survival, he is being kept alive for his family currently.

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  • OldTitleGuy

    from the Mercury News:

    Kenyon Youngstrom, a 37-year-old father of four from Cordelia, was pronounced dead at 6:05 p.m. at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, the CHP announced. He had been on life support there following the Tuesday morning shooting, when a man stopped for an obscured license plate pulled out a gun and shot him in the head.

    A truly sad day for all of us.

    See if your local PD has a “civilian police academy” program where members of the public can spend six or eight weeks, one night a week, getting the inside view of what policing is about. It will change your view of what the police have to deal with. Both my wife and I went through this with Redondo Beach PD.

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