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Someone told me long ago theres a calm before the storm

I could sit here and tell you I don’t know what got up my ass this morning, but I do know. First thing this morning the Bloodless Empire’s HR department pissed on my leg and told me it was raining. It’s not raining. You’re pissing on my leg. Stop it. They moved from a traditional time off program to a PTO program. In the process they took our existing personal holidays. It wouldn’t have been such an aggravation if I hadn’t asked to take the day on two separate occasions and had been denied by Mr. “I’m a New Manager and I’ve got my nose so far up the corporate butt that I can’t tell if it’s raining or not”. I suppose I should have kept that to myself, but you know the guy, we’ve all worked for him a couple of times in our career. So twice I ask for the day, twice they say “no” twice and then at the end of the year, they take it away, because I didn’t use it.  Like the kangaroo says… We used to get six sick days plus some BS that the City of San Francisco made them do. Now, we get five sick days, but we get a personal holiday, all rolled into the PTO. Uh, we got the personal holiday before at least until you took it away from me. And six sick days. Is it raining or are you pissing on my leg?

Anywho, this all gets me back to the fact that so many of our jobs are being done in India, while all the politicians drone on about immigration. It’s too late kids. My job is gone. As a matter of fact while 10,000 Indians work diligently on a product that’s not even sold in their country, a similar number of qualified title personnel are sitting home out of work. On one hand it can be argued that the immigrants do the jobs that we don’t want to. No, I don’t want to pick strawberries nor to clean Britney Spears’ house. On the other, if American youth don’t have a starting place for their work life, how do they spend their working years? Playing Wii? Living on the dole? You don’t get to start as CEO and many don’t have the wherewithal to begin their own enterprises, so what are they to do? I started as a “Microfilm Technician”. That meant I made copies of documents from the microfilm for the searchers and examiners. Later years, we called them “filmers” and got them from the temp agency. (OK, we also called them Jailbait Row). I made around $.50 more than minimum wage back then. Today, it would be about a dollar or so more than minimum wage. For a 17 year old kid, it was a great place to start, and I’ve made a decent career of it. So when I dropped out of college for the seventh time, there was a living to be had.  I didn’t have to sit on the couch and live out the Jerry Springer dream.  Now, I’m nearly 50 and I’m the tail end of the old school.  No one knows what I know, nor do they care.  Furthermore, the corporation doesn’t care.  The corporation has decided that it’s more beneficial to have my work done in a country that doesn’t even support the product they’re producing…at $16 a day, versus my salary.  The politicians who should be regulating graft, kickbacks and embezzlement are busy pushing down premiums on behalf of, supposedly the consumer.  Yet the one thing that is lost here is the fact that the only people who are really losing out are the consumers.  The product they are currently receiving is substandard at best.  And the people who are really winning are real estate attorneys.  And possibly a politician garnering a few extra misguided votes come election time.  The one organization that could have come to the rescue, could have pitched a royal hissy fit and made a difference, the ALTA, sat silent.  From your un and under employed bretheren in the State of California, thanks a lot, for nothing.

Are we our own worst enemies?  It could be argued that buying Made in China hurts American jobs, and I would agree.  But conversely, am I hurting our economy when I buy a German made automobile?  What about a Japanese manufactured car?  A Korean television?  What about a Toyota, made by a Japanese company in Fremont?  Where is the line and where do we achieve balance?  And what are Americans supposed to do for a living?  Before our economy collapses under it’s own weight, how do we support the masses?  The same masses we are undereducating right now?  Does that just widen the divide between the upper class and the lower class?  Does the middle class disappear?   With this upcoming election, I keep hearing the words from a previous election.  It’s the economy stupid.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I would totally say that y’all need to unionize, then they couldn’t f**k with your leave like that. But does that keep the jobs here? I’d think it’d make it even more profitable to ship them off. Then again, I only know so much, so I could be wrong.

    As for the rest of it… You make self-sufficiency sound so good.

    And, yes, I have seen the rain, why do you ask? 😉

  • Tammy

    RIGHT ON, RIGHT ON !!!!!!
    I truly believe that the ones getting the shaft are the consumers buying such bogus products called Title Insurance Policies. They are buying a whole bunch of GENERIC GARBAGE that they will have to hire a lawyer to defend them against when someone says they have an easement on someones elses property that the employees of India had failed to catch… What a loyal bunch in INDIA. By the way I understand that the employess of the Title Companies stationed in INDIA are now protesting stating they want a 13% increase in pay…What will the AMERICAN TITLE COMPANIES DO THEN?????
    When all the truly skilled AMERICAN TITLE BODIES are sitting in another environment (yes getting paid less) but not nearly the BULLSHIT they had to put up with at the SO CALLED AMERICAN TITLE COMPANIES that yes like you most of us grew up in…REALLY WHERE IS THE LOYALTY???? I don’t believe the employess in INDIA will go much longer without increase in pay..They will have the AMERICAN TITLE COMPANY’S (BALLS) IN THEIR HANDS…Oh well…not for me to worry about..
    Let the AMERICAN TITLE COMPANIES cough up the money, probably in more area’s than one.
    Lets count…1. MORE PAY TO THE INDIA EMPLOYEES…(What else will they ask for in the near future)
    2. MORE Losses for the TITLE COMPANIES in regards to crap TITLE INSURANCE POLICIES they will be sued over.
    3. Claims from past and current employees in regards to illegal employment practices.
    OH WELL, not for me to worry about anymore, except for #3…
    ….HOPEFULLY they won’t be out of money before they have to dish out the dough on #3…

  • Wine Dog

    Mercury is in retrograde my friends, buckle your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

    I’m off to see if I can have some popcorn with Radical.

    And if Tammy’s fired up, I’m fired up! Wheeee!

  • EO in hell

    I truly enjoy perusing this site daily. You guys crack me up.

    I need news from the coconut connection? How much longer?

  • nibbs

    A silver lining in that storm cloud – if it’s PTO, it’s all considered “vacation” (unlike sick and some personal days) at termination under CA law so they have to pay you any earned but unused PTO. Maybe your company will follow CA law.

  • Wine Dog

    Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, nibbs. It’s a boon for me because with the exception of this year, where I’ve been epicly ill six times since August, I rarely use sick time. On the other hand, if you’re going to take a day away, just take it away and say “yeah, I took it”. Just don’t make your poor HR people spin your bullshit.

  • jensen

    Patty Hauptman is in for a huge surprise. A top San Francisco law firm has taken, on a contingency basis !! the case of a senior manager of Alliance and after review of contracts , etc is very confident of their ability pursue not only Mercury, their insurance carriers and the Hauptmans personally. Buckle your seat belts this is going to get interesting

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