Come in all you jesters, Enter all you fools,

I almost feel like I’m cheating when I give away one like that.  Sonofabun already knows what song I’m talking about.  The Brother might too.  I should probably have some sort of daily contest for the titles. 

Day 8, it’s still raining.  According the, Monday February 4, 2008 is supposed to be a nice day.  Monday.  Bastards.  On the upside, it makes it pretty easy to dig fence post holes.  I got four knocked out today.  Next weekend I have three more to knock out and then I can start on the half fence.  I also started digging one of the trenches that will become a raised garden.  I’ve even figured out how to stablize the fence.  Ah, Manuel Labor, he’s a good friend of mine.  He’s good for your soul too.  All this sitting in offices pushing bullshit paper that we do, nothing like digging a fence post hole to let you know you’re alive.  Today is the first day I haven’t worked out at all in several weeks.  I figured digging fence post holes would suffice.  Today is supposed to be an off day, but I usually cycle on my off day.  Not today, not in the rain.  So I dug four holes and a trench instead.  I can tell the difference with the Turbulance Training added in.  It’s hard, core strengthening work.  I think it’s good for me.  I’ve also added kettlebells into my regular workout.  So a day off digging holes was probably just fine.

While I was digging holes, Beauregard and Rita were patrolling the perimeter, keeping the homestead safe from invading squirrel terrorists.  We have a health hatred of squirrels, ever since they ran poor old Beauregard into the wheelbarrow.  He thinks he’s Seal now with his scar.  There’s a great picture of it, inside the dead mac.  The mac I just dropped $300 on parts and several hours of tinkering and still won’t fire up the monitor.  I need to find a mac tech.  The machine is four years old and if I take it to apple, I will want to kill one of their counter people or Steve Jobs.

I also installed a motion control light in the back yard.  It should have taken 15 minutes and ended up taking 90 minutes and included a trip to the hardware store.  Still, it’s properly installed and I now know what’s wrong with the one on the front of the house, so fixing that one should only take say 20 minutes, now that I know the trick.  And a trip back to the hardware store.  What I’ve noticed most in this sort of work is that I can’t see up close any more.  I never could really see, I’ve been wearing either glasses or contacts since I was 15 years old.  Just in the last year, I can’t see up close any more.  It makes plumbing, electrical work, mechanical work all an adventure.  I have to wear those half glasses at work, which some people have said makes me look like I know what I’m doing.  Go figure.  I think they should make safety reading glasses.  I’m not the only person who can’t see this crap.  I think I might be on to something.  I’m getting out my teaspoon and digging my hole to freedom behind my Rita Hayward poster.

I have an in depth report of ZAP coming up in the next day or two.  As soon as I remember what happened.

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  1. Uh, yeah, digging in the yard definitely counts as a work out. Then again, some of us consider stripping and rebuilding the bed, doing the dishes (twice), making dinner and working through about three loads of laundry count as a workout. Ooh, and setting up a hanging thingie in the laundry room (garage), so I could just put my work clothes (and all those skirts I never wear) on hangers and leave them out there.

    Safety reading glasses? Like, perscription? That’s definitely a good idea… I can think of a couple people who’d probably get a pair.

    Oh, f*ingA*… The point I planned on making is this: are there Mac users groups, like there are LUGs? You might want to check into that, because the kids that hang out at user’s groups tend to be super geeks. You might find someone who can fix you up just for the shits & giggles.

  2. BMUG, a spectacular idea. I also did five loads of wash, although I don’t have a hanger thingy, and made my BFL food for the week, and mopped the slate twice. Little Miss Piddley was having a banner day. I did just catch her in the act, so she now knows that act upsets me. I’ve been very good about waiting until I caught her in the act. Made for a lot of mopping, but she’s a shy little girl. Don’t ask me how she got two tattoos and knocked up being that shy.

  3. Feeling like a woman
    looking like a man
    sounding like a no no
    mating when I can

    Ah yes, the theme music to my time in Paris. This made me go put the album on.

  4. After ZAP getting my brain around figuring out what I needed around here was not happening. So I rifled through the freezer found some frozen chicken Italian sausages and made my orzo, green onion, lemon, olive oil and chicken sausage thing for the week. There was something frozen in tupperware which might have been even easier, but I was afraid it might be satin balls. I use them to put weight on Rita. Raw hamburger, eggs, oats and molasses, not so much a BFL lunch.

  5. I looked at the Satin Ball recipe; what, exactly, is unflavored molasses? Did they mean unsulfered?

  6. Trip the lights fantastic, dance with swiveled hips, coming to conclusions……button up your lips…walking, walking in the rain. Amazing Grace, the woman/man of my dreams.

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