Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Rant

And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

Politics have really changed in this country.  I used to think if my guy didn’t make it, I wouldn’t like it but we’d get by.  Generally on the first Wednesday in November you might hear me say something like “I hope he doesn’t start World War III” or “at least I always do well financially under a Republican President.”   But then came Reagan.  You think about the stints where I lost my job and it took a long time to get back to work.  1981, President Reagan.  2008 GW.  I did get back to work under Reagan and did quite well after a year and a half jobless and then baking cookies.  Bush?  I had to find another way.  No one in modern history has screwed this country up more than that moron.  And I’m not so benevolent about this election either.  I’m sick of the rhetoric and I’m sick of the stupidity.

Todd Akin just needs to go away.  Go away.  You are an idiot, a misogynist idiot.

Paul Ryan.  Here’s a guy who has worked his entire life for the government, gotten everything he has due to our government and now wants to take that away so, well why?  It did him well.  Is it “I got mine you’re on your own?”  Paul Ryan is a government employee.  As a member of the House he enjoys a salary of $174,000 per year.  He is fully vested in his retirement plan after five years and his health care plan is the best in the world.  It’s not the one that we get, it’s the best in the world.  It’s like Ayn Rand collecting Social Security.  Or Ron Paul for that matter.  Or let’s talk about Koch Industries accepting government subsidies.  I’m just amazed at the people who defend these asshats.  There is no defense.  They are hypocrites.  They are all getting theirs while telling you to reject yours.  Yet there is a part of this country that is so stupid that they are allowing this to go on unabated.  Part of me says they deserve what they get.  The problem is I don’t deserve what they’re advocating.

How do you advocate less government and defend military spending?  The largest single cost to our government is the military.  While I strongly believe we should defend our country, I don’t know why we were in Iraq but the right wing rank and file was all over that.  And here we are ten years later and they still haven’t found one single WMD.  Or the Easter bunny for that matter.

Yesterday I was sent the list of the ten most depressing States in the union.  Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Tennessee.  Let me help here.  Blue State, red state, red state, red state, red state, red state, blue state, red state, blue state, red state.  70% Republican.  Nevada is a no brainer.  Gambling plays a huge part in that.  Arkansas, the people who work for the Waltons are a depressed blue state.  Is it a wonder?  West Virginia isn’t a surprise at all.  It’s union and it’s work is in the mines.  And the mining companies are such good corporate citizens.  Notsomuch.  That can’t possibly be depressing.  But the other states?  Yeah.

Politicians have always embellished things, that’s part of the gig.  Between Ryan and Romney, it’s hard to tell what the hell they’re talking about.  Ryan is all for less government unless you’re a woman.  Then he wants the government to tell you that you have to carry any child to term whether you want to or not.  Because that’s what fits with his personal code of ethics so it should fit with yours.  That is a one way street and does not work both ways.  The latest?  Obama wants to strip the work requirements of the welfare reform law signed by President Clinton.  Because he’s a black man and everybody knows black men don’t like to work hard.  In truth, the Obama administration granted a waiver requested by Republican and Democratic governors allowing each state more flexibility in administering the welfare work requirements in their states.  Dear Dipshits, that’s a good idea.  If you haven’t noticed we’re coming out from under the biggest financial disaster since 1929.  Who was President in 1929? Hoover, a Republican.  Who presided over the latest?  Bush II, a Republican.  And no, it wasn’t a result of Clinton’s policies and no Obama isn’t milking it.  It took Roosevelt over 10 years and a war to dig us out of that one.  Obama turned this bitch around in three and while we aren’t singing Happy Days are here again yet, many people are back to work.  Yes, we’re all making less money, unless you’re part of the 1%.


Everything we are being told in the mass media is tainted by 1082 people.  Everything.  They own all of the media outlets and they are controlling what you see.  And then they are telling you what you’re seeing and what’s right or wrong with it.  It’s become a massive propaganda campaign.  A friend of mine wrote a movie that was barely seen back in the 1980’s.  It starred Dennis Hopper, because it was the message he believed in.  A bunch of Viet Nam war vets fly around in an old B-29 and interupt television shows with their message against a particular female political candidate.  In the end, it turns out that she is a he and he became exactly what the polls said the American people would elect…a woman in her 50’s with certain physical and political attributes.  Here we are nearly 30 years later and art becomes reality.

And I swear to God, I am going to punch the next birther I run into.  Right in the face.  Because they are too stupid to live.

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  • dolphyngyrl

    My understanding is that Ayn Rand collected social security because ahe’d paid into it and on the justification of the money was collected from her without her permission, so it’s her right to collect it back. Not that I agree with her on anything, but you know I hate twisting a point.

    My personal favorite is the “I don’t trust the liberal media” bumper stickers I see. I want to pull those ignorant hicks out of their trucks and choke them out. It can’t possibly do more harm to their brains.

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