Mental wounds still screaming, driving me insane

There is something very wrong with Norman.  I don’t know if the year long lick granuloma finally caught up with his system or it’s something else, but there is something wrong with that dog.

Yesterday he insisted on being under my desk all day, which is den like.  He can’t move properly either.  He’s whimpering when he moves certain ways and can’t really lay down without yelping.  He’s not a happy boy.   And I’m a little worried about him.

Last night in keeping with his desire to be in a den-like atmosphere, he went on the far side of the bed where there is a dog bed but not a lot of room.  I helped him get down there.  He cried on the way down but then was fine.  I had just gone to sleep when I heard him whimper and then it was on!  Bubba jumped him and it was a cage match in my bedroom.

Imagine waking out of a dead sleep to that.  This morning I have a bone crushing headache which I am sure is combination of stress and the fact that I had them both by the collars, one in each hand trying to pull them apart.  It seemed to last forever but it was probably only two or three minutes.  I pulled a belt out of the closet and beat them in the heads until they let go enough to shove Bubba into the master bath.

I got tagged on the right hand.  Normally that wouldn’t happen, I know to keep my hands out of there but I direct you to the part where I was asleep.  Somebody got my thumb and my wrist, neither too badly.  Norman has a through and through on his muzzle.  Bubba had him down on his back and was just going insane.  I can’t believe that’s Norman’s only serious cut but it is.  Bubba on the other hand looks like Jake LaMotta on a bad night.  He got his ass kicked.  By a dog he had down on his back.

Thankfully no one’s ear got filleted.  No one’s throat was punctured and no one lost an eye.  I felt them get my hand and dropped them both immediately so a band-aid and some neosporin will solve my injury.

Life will never be the same here.  The boys will never get to spend time together again.  Baby gates will be the rule again.  Norman has the ability to kill Bubba.  Thankfully he didn’t last night.

Both boys are OCD, that’s part of the problem.  I had an appointment for Norman to see a specialist next week in hopes of getting some Prozac or something similar to take the edge off of whatever it is that makes him lick his leg incessantly   As yesterday progressed it became apparent that there is something more wrong with that dog.  He’s definitely in distress this morning and I really don’t think it has as much to do with his muzzle as it does with whatever it was that weakened him yesterday and lead Bubba to sense that a brawl to end it all was a great idea at 10:30 last night.

Bubba was next to see the behavioralist.  I’ve been watching him slide down the abyss with his OCD.  There have been times that I’ve looked at him and just said “Bubba, move away from the crazy.”  I can see in his eyes when whatever it is that makes him suck his flank and run circles in the yard is torturing his little dog brain.  It has become time to address the crazy in Bubba.  It became a priority last night.

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