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Tomorrow’s another day, and I’m thirsty anyway…

Today is actually Day 7, but I’ll take a moment to write about Day 6 of the rain.  My unlandscaped back yard is like a horse stable after a rainstorm.  Basically a similar cocktail.  I was thrilled to find my fences still standing yesterday when I got home from work.  Since Seeno, (probably the richest guy in Contra Costa County) refused to split the cost or even send his guys and his at cost wood up to the property where the common fence I meant my fence is listing to and fro, I’ve decided to just sink some metal poles and run some chain link.  I’m going to put a berry patch in front of it, as it will be the furtherest point in the yard and not a place the dogs will be going.  It will be the forbidden zone.  So as much as I would like to build the ultimate spite fence, the law says I can’t. 

Rita is fixated on the squirrel nest even though there hasn’t been a squirrel sighting since Sunday.  She’s crated away from the window during the day.  I’m thinking about moving her to a larger confined space this weekend as she learns to be better in bigger and bigger spaces.  She does great in the office with me.  She’s laying at my feet right now.

Rita in repose

I’d love to stay and chat, but it’s off to the gym, because my competitor is kicking some major butt (namely mine) right now.  And I need to be at the BARF station by 8:30 for ZAP.  And sorry Ma, I’d rather drink at 10am than shop for Listerine.  OK, you might get a call from a drugstore.  You should have your list ready.  Humor me.

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  • dolphyngyrl

    We’re getting a break in the rain this morning… Hope you are, too…

    And, um… Who wouldn’t rather be drinking at 10am than shopping for listerine. Listerine is yucky.

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