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It may be rainin’, but there’s a rainbow above you

I feel like Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver.

Thank God for the rain…which has helped wash away the garbage and trash off the sidewalks.

Imagine the Tom Scott soundtrack in the back ground.  Day 5, the rains keep coming, it never ends… 

Now imagine living with a young dog who has never lived in a house. Then picture an unlandscaped backyard, 200X70, and a pepper tree with a known squirrel nest, and a woodpile with a mouse nest and new carpet.  The mud never ends.  I’m God’s angry dogwasher.  I want that mud room from Extreme Home Makeover this week.  And what happens if Phil sees his shadow?  If he doesn’t it’s 6 more weeks of winter, but if he does, then what?  Does anyone know where it’s not raining and cold right now?

Rita’s having some issues with jumping up right now.  If I told you not to jump up this morning, then you still can’t jump up this afternoon, or tonight or tomorrow morning.  And you can never ever put your paws on the kitchen counters.  And how in the Hell did you get your paw or more importantly, why did you jump up on the oven door?

Boom Shacka Lacka Boom Boom! Get a Job

It just won’t stop.  Coconut Telegraph, warring Tom Toms, all that’s left is a smoke signal from Folsom and the fat lady will warble.  Make copies of your order sheets and your pres folks.  Really.  And save that McDonald’s coupon for a rainy day… it is raining isn’t it?

Ya know, I take no solace in that fact that more of my colleagues are going to be screwed by the Hauptmans.   Believe me.  I was out there in October 2006 and it sucked.  Majorly.  I called people I had known for 20 years and they would have loved to have me on, but they had nothing.    The corporate machine had no place for a 32 year vet.  It took me four and a half months to get back to work.  It sucks.  Since then, I’ve actually been called by one of my mentors who was looking for work.  That’s a world turned upside down in my book.  I would love to be wrong, but there’s just too much noise.   What I really wished was these companies had some scruples and saved for this rainy day.  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do?  Since when did Wall St. own our industry?

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Ma and Pa Kettle.  Fifty-five years today.  So if you see some old people tottering around Clayton in the rain, give’m a lift home.  Thanks.

The PBE Mac

I’m a big MacHead.  I’ve owned two pc laptops for business, but my life is run on Macintosh.  First I had one of the original Mac clones, which was a really sweet machine, and now I’m working on a G4.  Saturday afternoon the PBE Mac made a sound sort of like a child’s whistle and went blank.  There are places to search for answers to Mac issues., the apple board, SFWOW, all good sources, SFWOW is one of the greatest resources I’ve ever stumbled upon.  So I tried to boot from another disk, no dice.  I tried to boot with no extensions, nada.  I hauled the machine over to the Ministry of Disinformation and tested it against their monitor, zilch.  So it’s not the monitor, it’s not a software conflict and the machine is booting properly.  One of the gals from SFWOW suggested that the new software update (which I had downloaded only hours earlier) was too much for my elderly video card and it went kaput.  Another couple of WOWsers suggested I call Larry at MacSales.  So hopefully upon my return home tomorrow, I will find a note from my UPS driver that I can pick up my new video card, and well, hell if you’re going to spend money, get some more memory too.  And replace the cd drive.  WOWsers rule, and MacSales rocked.  Great prices, great guys.  Should make for an interesting Friday night.  A Friday night where I should stay in because Saturday morning at 10am is ZAP!  zap_header_printable.jpg

Yeah, the Wine Dog’s palette is back, wheeeee!

Oh, by the way, it’s raining.


  • son of a bun

    Mascara flows, right down my nose, because of the storm. As you know,The Title Tarts are all out there like whirling dervishes talking of the Financial demise that’s supposed to happen tonight. Tina…..bring me the axe!

  • Elizabeth

    Wine Dog–

    I actually found this blog off SFWOW and since all I know about the housing market is that I don’t own one, your writing is good enough to keep me coming back.

    And I’ve got a dog who shares some traits with Rita. A small suggestion for the counter surfing–take a fairly good sized cookie sheet and just leave the lip slightly off the counter. On top of that put a pyramid of empty soda cans. Around a middle can, tie a nice treat and then rest the treat on the edge of the cookie sheet. When Rita comes in and grabs the treat, where it wasn’t supposed to be, the whole things come down in a huge, noisy mess that can’t actually hurt her but can scare the devil out of her. She’ll probably never counter surf again.

    When the weather gets nicer, I’d like to get the two dogs together to run. I call my dog, Laskshmi, a slut because she rolls over and shows her belly to everyone, wags her tail suggestively at any dog she sees and will bite (nicely) any dog in the butt while they are playing.

    Good luck because I have the same rain and mud dilemma.

  • judir6

    Rita and Ari are a lot alike. 🙂 I always come home and see dog hair on top of the stove! Hello??

    I am telling ya Val, just go out in the rain and enjoy the mud. Embrace it. It will make you feel much better.

    Oh and thanks for the comment about Ari on my blog. He is a good boy sometimes.

  • Wine Dog

    I may have to embrace the mud. It’s supposed to keep raining at least through February 3.

    Elizabeth, welcome! And thank you! It’s means a lot to me to have folks of all different walks here and enjoying themselves. I think you made my day! 😉

    I don’t drink anything in a can, so I’m going to canvas my neighbors for some soda cans this weekend. Little Missy is in for a fine howdoyoudo!

  • The Brother

    Oh, I like that cookie sheet trick – that sounds better and easier than the pennies in the can thing, although variety may be the trick.

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