Eat the salted peanuts out the can

I have just plain been busy.  I need to work more jackassery back into my life.  Lucky for y’all there are plenty of things to piss me off.

What pisses me off the most?  Besides the teabaggers it would be cops shooting innocent dogs.  I’ve ranted on this one before, but it happened again.  This time in Austin, where it has actually happened several times before.  This one is particularly egregious.  Austin Police respond to a domestic violence call…and go to the wrong goddamn house.  Within 20 seconds of the officer arriving at the wrong house Cisco is dead.

The cop was looking for an hispanic male who had been fighting with a woman.  Mike Paxton is a redheaded white guy.  Officer Griffith’s commands to Mike are “Get your hands up” “Get your dog”.  That exchange took less than four seconds.  Mike was playing frisbee with his dog in the back yard.  He went around to his truck for some reason and Officer Griffith was there.  Griffith pulled his gun, ordered Mike to put his hands in the air.  Cisco followed Mike and ran up to the officer.  Mike was confused because he didn’t understand why the cop was there, why the cop had his gun pulled and with a gun pointed at him he didn’t move to get his dog.  That portion of the event happened in under 4 seconds.  It’s right here on the cops dashcam.  Cisco was a blue healer, not the most aggressive breed on the planet.  He died almost instantaneously.

I wonder why the cop pulled his gun in the first place.  Mike was unarmed.  He didn’t even have the frisbee in his hand.  This story is getting worldwide coverage.  My hope is that Cisco’s death can finally shine God’s flashlight down on the scourge of cops shooting innocent dogs.  God knows I’ve been beating this drum for years.  It hit home for me when Jax was shot and killed.  The officer in that case fired eight rounds at a dog that was recovering from back surgery and could only walk with an uncoordinated gait.

Another pet shot in Texas, this one a trained agility dog, because shoot first ask questions later seems to be how they do things down there.  Not to be outdone, the idiots in Camden New Jersey fired 33 rounds killing a pit bull puppy.    Apparently 32 just doesn’t do it for a pit bull.  Asshats.  Complete asshats.

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