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I used to do a little but a little wouldn’t do, so the little got more and more

Here’s a tasty morsel for those of you who are out of work.  I spoke with Steve again today.  He wrote me this:

Looking forward to information about the title officers for Alliance and escrow and title officers for TICOR. And the contracts that you mentioned for Alliance people are interesting as well.

I have represented employment plaintiffs for a long time and would be happy to discuss cases with these people if they want

Steve C.

Stephen R. Cornwell
Cornwell & Sample
7045 No. Fruit Ave.
Fresno, CA 93711
(559) 431-3142
(559) 436-1135 (fax)

This guy is currently handling some decent sized class action suits over misclassified exempt employees.  (Like the escrow officer suit brought against FATCO a few years ago) He has also offered to look at contracts and look into your unpaid vacation and commissions with Alliance Title Company.  I urge folks who believe they are part of these classes to give him a call.  He’s a very nice and knowledgable guy and he cares about us title folks.

Coconut Telegraph

It’s still all fired up.  McDonald’s certificates and candy be damned.  Just have your books and order sheets copied.  I’m thinking you’re going to need it.  There’s just too much noise.

Training Wheels

Little Rita is learning her lessons.  Slowly.  She hasn’t seen a squirrel in a couple of days but she still runs patrols along the tree lines.  And tries to climb a tree.  She really does look like one of those Alabama coonhounds up against a tree.  Now here’s Buddy. Uh-huh, he’s a good ol’ boy.  He can tree a coon quicker than any other hound in these parts.  On the upside, she’s learning her automatic sits quite nicely.

Run Wine Dog Run

I’m feeling better, finally and am working out a lot harder.  I’m down five pounds, but I have a bet with one of our gentle readers which includes dinner at the French Laundry.  I can’t lose this one, so I’m doing two a days now.  The morning is the regular work out and then evening features either Turbulance Training or a boxing jump rope workout or once the weather improves, a run or a bike.  Turbulance Training is a lot of floor work, which is an adventure with two cabin fever ridden Dobermans.  One is crawling under me and sucking on my toe and the other one is licking my face.  Jumping rope went better as they were afraid of the noise.  Currently they’re kicking each other’s ass in the dining room.


  • Wine Dog

    Slowly. It’s been raining and is supposed to rain clear through February 1…at least. So intervals on a treadmill in the morning is as far as I’ve gotten and a few short runs before the rain. Rita isn’t ready to run yet, she’s just learning the leash thing, although she’s doing great. Beau would love to go for a run with me, but then my little red terror would be spending even more time alone. I’m hoping she’ll be up to par about the same time it stops raining. Automatic sits. Oh yeah.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Well for you folks down in the south bay…a former ATC manager has landed at CWLT….let the games begin. Seems to me that CWLT did not due very much background checking in this case…big losses big claims big paychecks….recipe for continued disaster. How did the former ATC manger address these questions concerning the losses or the implosion of ATC?..or did CWLT other to ask???….strange bedfellows it would seem…hey where’s the soap?…tread carefully my ATC/FTC friends and don’t believe the B.S. they will tell you to follow them to the promise Land (America)..again where’s that friggin soap?

  • Wine Dog

    LandAm doesn’t put up with nonsense, so if that’s fact, expected shelf life is about four weeks. Besides, you’re very limited about what can be said about a former employee. Yes, they worked here, yes, they can fog a mirror. That’s about it. I remember getting a call about a former employee who was addicted to meth. Yeah, he worked here, yes, he was a title officer, anything more can be defamation.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Well I wish (and hope) that is the case. However The former County manager Lynn Camp (?) lasted for longer than she should have from what I hear….so we shall see. It is a sorry state of affairs when incompetence continues to rise to the top? I am sorely dissapointed in our industry.

  • judir6

    Rain? You are scared of a little rain? Get out there and run Val! I have been running in cold/snow/rain/frigid temps!

    And get to where you can run BOTH dogs. Won’t that be fun? LOL.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Judir6, Cold/rain/snow I get but “frigid temps”? I know the ones we hired were pretty hot and out going…might want to try a new temp agency….also sounds like you’d make the ultimate mail “person” all that and running with the dogs instead of away from them….

  • Sunset

    There are only two people/entities that have power in our industry. The CEO/Owner and the Escrow Officer with a desk. The rest are at the company’s mercy. Let’s celebrate another person who survived the nightmare of Alliance Title and landed a job. Go RG.

  • Wine Dog

    Skip, tread lightly bud, Judir6 is an animal. I’m tough but she would kick my ass on any given, er, every given Sunday. She’s Hard Core. She’ll be on a podium collecting hardware this year. I guarantee it.

    And yeah, I’m a big baby and won’t run in this rain.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Sunset are you kidding? Commonwealth should have done a little homework on the management abilities of RG? takes more than a checkbook to run a county…and the South Bay (and East Bay) were majorely upside down…and why do you think that was?….RG saw the P&L yet failed to manage by the numbers…how can you excuse such a blind move. He is certainly in part responsible for the demise in the bay area and directly affected you and your friends….CWLT has dropped a few pegs on my meter for their lack of due diligents on this one…what next Mike Vera takes over the East bay for CWLT too? Or better yet John Harritt. RG was hardly a victim Sunset but I bet you were!..Geez folks wake up and hold them responsible for their actions or lack thereof. Who made more money from the incompetence then the county managers on up? If you are looking for savior look in the mirror first.

  • EO in hell

    I agree with Sunset. Goooooo RG! I worked with the guy and was always treated well. I doubt he had an open checkbook Skip-itty and everyone answers to someone unless you are the Hauptman family.
    If he was so bad they would have terminated him from the Mercury payroll on December 12 but he was invited over to FTC and from what I’ve heard he is the only person in upper management that remained employed for a while. I wonder why they did that if he was the villan. Again, isn’t it true they closed down to avoid the 60 million dollar law suit? Sounds like you have a personal issue with RG. Me, I’m hoping to quit FTC and I would jump at the chance to work with RG again if he is interested.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Actually I have no personal issue with RG or MV or anyone else..I have an issue with managers who failed to fulfill their duty to both the company and employees and then point the finger away instead of including themselves as responsible parties to the implosion or financial issues caused under their watch. the county managers hired less then honest EO’s and then personally profited from their dirty deeds while turning a blind eye. They have also tried to claim ignorance of the dishonest actions of those under their watch…but isn’t it their responsibility to uphold the rules of our industry on behalf of both the company who employes them and the consumer? Do you think the county manager is at no fault for the condition of their company? Was RG profitable throughout the year?…I think not and no I am not picking on RG…..but lets just say I had “friends” in high places who gave me the skinny on the entire ATC buget/claim/law suit issues….and no one is clean and that is the truth..not personal.

  • Skip-itty-doodah

    I’m sorry I forgot to address the $60M legal issue you mentioned. Did they shut it down to avoid the law suit? Why was ATC sued for $60M in the first place? If you are honest then you don’t get sued for $60M…and how would dmping a company work? Isn’ that akin to deeding your property to your kids to avoid a law suit?..Not Kosher…also Mercury would still be on the hook regardless if ATC was around or not…and like many huge multi million dollar legal actions the likely hood that it truly gets settled or paid will take longer than we will be alive. The ATC issue was it was losing millions each and every month state wide. The bad lease agreements, bad hiring (or bloated salaries) and then huge claims both in volume and large single losses claimed the life of ATC..and again all can be traced back to all those in charge of the organization….

  • Wine Dog

    Word is they shut it down because of the lawsuit. Except there’s a big one in the pipeline against FTC too.

    Skip, I don’t think you can blame local management. They were given marching orders from on high and their jobs depended on their compliance. Maybe Ex-ATC-Queen will weigh in on this one. She knows of what I speak.

    And as far as Mike goes, he’s the manager who cut a deal to get his staff back to work and then ended up not being part of the deal. It was going to be no deal if he was included. He said essentially take me out of it and get my people back to work. That’s class in my book.

  • EO in hell

    Wine Dog
    RG did the same thing. He knew they didn’t really want him and there was no need for 2 county managers. It was only a matter of time before they dumped him. He felt he could get a job elsewhere and wanted the people to at least have their vacation time paid if they decided to quit. I’m glad he found a job. I’m hoping to move over there next week myself if he’ll take me. A little birdie told me his phone is ringing off the hook today.

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