Come on somebody, why don’t you run? Ol’ Red’s itchin’ to have a little fun

Rita has discovered where the squirrel nest is and under that tree is where the little dear lives now.  Beauregard would like her to play with him, but no dice. 


Well, just when I thought I was going to have to flash the crowd the big ones, here comes some great information.  I spoke with Tammy’s attorney this afternoon.  If you were/are an employee of Alliance Title Company, Financial Title Company, First American Title Insurance Company, Ticor Title Insurance and were classified as exempt, write me and I’ll hook you up.  This guy is responsive, intelligent and has our industry dialed in.  I called this afternoon and he called back a few hours later.  He is also interested in pursuing the unpaid vacation and commissions on behalf of the X-ATC crowd.  

Someone else’s timeclock

The tom-toms have not let up.  Something is definitely up.  I’m beginning to wonder if Patty Hauptman is keeping it open just to make the Wine Dog look bad.  That would be a cheap shot, eh?  Actually, the same problems that buried ATC are all over FTC, but for some reason they’re letting it run.  I don’t really think this quick drop in the rate is enough to generate enough business to save them.  Hmmmm.

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  1. Email sent to FTC employees this morning. Made me chuckle

    This week has been designated as “Appreciation Week” by Financial Title Company, lead by our CEO, Ivy Anderson.
    Managers and others, if they have not already will be giving out items to our esteemed and deserving associates throughout the week.
    I don’t think any group of people in this industry deserves appreciation more than YOU!! It has been an interesting “ride” lately but one that will get us to the destination we deserve which is Total Success throughout the company and it should happen sooner rather than later thanks to the outstanding and dedicated people we have.

    Please enjoy the tokens of appreciation you will receive this week and I am hopeful everyone realizes how appreciative I am personally for the support, understanding, and friendships that exist not only with me but with each other throughout this company.

    “Never underestimate the ability of a small group of people to change the world. It is the only thing that ever has”

    Thank you!!

  2. Huh.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever read an “employee appreciation” email that sounded like it was trying that hard to sound like it actually appreciates the employees, no, really, we swear.

    Why didn’t they just send:

    Dear Employees,

    We would super love it if y’all didn’t quit and find better jobs (yet).

    We can’t really afford to do much for you beause we’re broke. I know this isn’t really when normal “employee appreciation” events happen. Hope you don’t mind. We probably won’t be in business anymore when that time of year rolls around.

    Please enjoy the complimentary logo keychains and try not to sue us too hard when we have to can your asses and then don’t pay you.

    Thank you,
    Wooly Sunglasses

  3. just an observation….
    upper management at FTC is way too smiley and cheerful for my comfort. Oh, and another goodie bag of appreciation came today. Candies and a $1 gift certificate for McDonalds. can’t even get a supersize fries for that 🙁

  4. I am an ex-employee of Alliance Title and I too am being denied my vacation pay and my commission. I couldn’t believe that my insurance also stop as of midnight of the 13th of December. I know now that I’ll have a hard time trusting anyone again. We were told here in Bakersfield that we were 2nd in the market share and that there was no way that they would close are doors. One week later it happened.

  5. EO, that is verging on flat out insulting!

    At least when I was at ELNK we got bbq’s, keggers and prom!

    Nope. Wait. Thought that out. Candy & a $1 gift certificate? That is insulting!

    I work for the state, and our boss folk chipped in and got everyone $10 to Starfucks.

  6. EO in hell…you mentioned another goodie bag of appreciation came today. Care to share you previous one(s)?

  7. Ugh, I clicked the link. I need a ridiculously cute little pink nosed puppy like I need a hole in my head. My bruised head that’s been battered by stone headed Dobermans.

  8. Sunset,
    Yesterday they gave us a 4″ rubber ball resembling the world globe and something like “we think the world of you” or some lame thing like that. I don’t think I read it. I suppose it was a nice gesture and I should be more appreciative but … well…
    you guys get it I think.

  9. Now that may be the cutest puppy ever. All white and pink … brush up on your dsl (doggie sign language).
    a 4″ rubber ball resembling the world? How cute. I used to work for a huge insurance company, that cut salaries and denied bonuses and cut staff and basically ravaged their employees, all in the name of no money, then sent out paper weights to all employees commemorating the highest revenue and profit figures ever. Seriously. In the bazillions of dollars. I felt like Charlie Brown .. I got a rock. At least you guys got candy.

  10. Oh, and anybody with a Doberman, most other large breeds, or children does NOT consider 4 am an abnormal time to get up.
    Little man chased his first intruder away yesterday. Very cool.

  11. Hey, Wine Dog… We got beer. Then again, ELNK didn’t hit the black until way after I left, so maybe they shouldn’t have been wasting money liquering their reps up?

    Uh, seriously… 4am when I’m posting comments is usually after laundry, dishes, making coffee and breakfast. The dog refuses to go out until 8ish – long after I’ve left for the day.

    Go little man!

  12. TB, congrats on having an intruder chased away. I have “warning” dogs. They bark and growl and run into the house to hide and expect ME to save them from the intruder. The 2 dogs combined weight is 200 pounds, it is embarrassing.

  13. OK, I’ve. got to express a sort of male pig view. Maybe its my age, or being single for so long, but I think that if her picture on the FTC website is an accurate likeness, Ivy is attractive. What’s the story on her? Maybe its the first name that has my interests peaked……

  14. Yeah, the intruder did not breach the the perimeter, but I have a small back yard with a chain link fence separating it from the cliff over 101, which is state land. They have it planted, and sometimes guys go back there, illegally, to cut all the flowers to sell in the markets. If anybody is going to break in, that’s how they’ll do it, because you can enter that land any number of places and walk along it, jump the fence and break in the back door. Little man gave him the full dobie GETTHEFLOCKAWAY, and the neighbors saw the guy high-tailing it down the street, flowers in tow. Didn’t know little man had it in him.

  15. And if you could see him curled up with his fuzzy lamb squeaky toy and his squeaky bone tucked under his arm, as he is right now, you wouldn’t either.

  16. They conveniently don’t mention any of their corporate officer’s credentials. Ivy was the Controller for Alliance Title before being moved over to Financial as the CEO. It felt like she was the one trying to put the brakes on the crazy dealings over at Alliance and I always felt that was why she was shuffled to Financial. I don’t remember exactly her background before the Controller gig, but I want to say it was in the accountant/accounting department Peter Principle league.

  17. Woohoooo…
    today lotto ticket and chinese fortune cookies. Ivy’s tryin real hard.

    It’s my understanding they didn’t shuffle her to Financial when that took place, I think they needed someone to turn it around and hoped she could do it. She is smart regarding finances but still it blows me away why they would layoff a $40,000 income per month EO who has no known losses.

    I have another interview tomorrow after work. I want out of FTC. I heard 7 or 8 people quit today and I wish I was one of them.

  18. Please don’t hold me to this…but I think Ivy was in charge of the IS Department at Santa Clara Land. If so, she was in charge of the conversion of all of the companies that the Hauptman’s had bought in Santa Clara County to Financial Title. Computer-wise. You left Friday and you were Santa Clara Land. You came back to work on Monday and you were supposed to be Financial Title. It was a mess. One office was totally forgotten. All of the Escrow files had to be recreated in the new system and the E.O.’s weren’t warned.

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