I needed somewhere to hang my head without your noose

I had an argument with a guy a couple of weeks ago over dog rescue.  It’s a subject a lot of people are very passionate about.  But like everything else, few can think outside of the box.

My business coach made me brush my teeth with my non-dominant hand for a month.  It started with him saying “Brush your teeth with your left hand.”  Followed by “Dude, I do that every day”, which was kind of the lesson within the lesson.  Anyway, it really helps your thinking.  Drive home a different way every day.  Start in the grocery store on the right instead of the left aisle.  Whatever.  It’s good for your head.

Anyway, this knucklehead was certain I was a complete idiot because I supported breeders, therefore I could not understand what rescue was really about.  I maintain that he was a complete idiot because he was unable to think outside of the acceptable paradigm for rescue and shelter dogs to take his thinking to the next level.

I think everyone has probably seen My Pledge to Dogs.  I started it a year ago.  I stand by it today.  I got it right.  You see, like I believe that not everyone gets to own a house and not everyone gets to drive a BMW, not everyone gets to own a dog.  If only reputable breeders bred dogs there would be no need for shelters.  Or me with a house full of trainwrecks.  I did not choose these four.  Someone else rejected them.  And now they are here, because it was the right thing to do.

As a sidebar, when I left for Florida, I gave The Brother instructions on what to do if a dog died in my absence.  In theory Miss Cleo could lay down and be gone at any moment, but Dobermans all have the potential to collapse and die from DCM at a moment’s notice.  I don’t have a young dog any more, Bubba is probably 3 or 4 now, Rita 5-7, Norman 8+ and Miss Cleo is 117.  Miss Cleo went to the vet before I left because she was hurking up giant wads of snot.  She got a run of antibiotics even though my vet told me he thought that was quackery to not do at least a chest X-ray.  Well, Miss Cleo took off on The Brother and he had to go running down the street to catch her.  And now she is running around the yard.  I’m not recommending to go directly to quackery but some times horse sense pays off.

Anyway, that gets us to Fifi.  Ch Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici!  Now the best Doberman Pinscher in the country if you saw the Westminster on Tuesday.  This bitch is everything you could ever ask for in this breed.  She is sleek, gorgeous, she moves flawlessly.  She is intense and alert.  And this morning PBE would like to lift a glass to the Fifinator.  Congratulations on a great run!  To the WKC…the Pekinese…really?  And dumping the shelter dog commercials for Purina’s “happy ads”?  Idiots.



  • dolphyngyrl

    People think breeders are The Evil because loud mouth groups with lots of funding (come on, you know who I mean like to mouth off like breeders are the problem. And if you lump everyone who breeds dogs into a group, I would guess easily 65% of them are Doing It Wrong. The rest, though, are what’s right about breeders and why your theory about breeder dogs would work. But the rest of the ignorant fuckwits would fuck that up. You know, the “but I love him so much and he’s the best chihuahua I’ve ever met, so OF COURSE I’m going to breed him” ones. Totally related rant: EVERYONE who has ever found out I dislike chihuahuas and has SWORN to me that THEIR chihuahua would change my mind has then gone on to describe EXACTLY what I dislike about them. Really?

    Also? Really? Dobermans sleep?

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