I hate to turn up out of the blue, uninvited

I can’t help it.  I must rage on.

The one guy who actually understands conservatism is a bleeding heart liberal. I’m going to miss Barney Frank. Warts and all. The sonofabitch is just smarter than everybody else.

The war on drugs. I could give a shit. Seriously. I suppose on some levels it made sense when Richard Nixon initially rolled it out. That was forty years ago and it no longer makes sense. Currently there are approximately 1.5 million Americans in jail on drug offenses. All hell is breaking loose on the Mexican border. The police are using para-military tactics on innocent Americans and no progress has really been made. It’s time to walk away. Legalize it. Tax it. Quit spending money fighting it. And quit killing innocent people over it.

Currently the financial cost of the war on drugs is $1,716.77 per second. Yeah, you read that right, per second. So far in 2011 the US government has spent $3,797,048,669 US taxpayer dollars fighting the war on drugs. Now imagine we keep that $3,797,048,669 and collect tax on pot and coke and meth and heroin and whatever other bullshit people want to put into their own bodies. You want to be a crankster loser? Knock yourself out. Nobody cares.

While we were sleeping the police have become paramilitary organizations and have been doing some pretty outragous things. Like ordering a judge to “come out with your hands up“.  Or shooting the wrong guy.  Recently I’ve seen several reports of police doing a paramilitary raid on a home, the owner defending their home and getting killed by the police.  All you gun advocates, it could be you.  Keep your guns, they can pry them from your cold, dead hands, which could be any evening this week if they happen to do a “wrong door” raid on your house.

And God forbid you live with a dog.  Or live next door to a house where the police are executing a search warrant.  Spook was tied to a tree in the NEIGHBOR’S yard.  He was the neighbor’s dog.  The line didn’t come anywhere near the home they were executing the warrant on, so they executed Spook.  They shot the neighbor’s family dog while the three year old daughter ran to the dog and pleaded with them to not shoot her dog.  Not the first dog shot by Gulfport PD this year.

I hope you’re checking out my links today.  Truly epic today.

Here’s the deal.  If the police came to my house and kicked down my door, they would shoot and kill Norman and probably Rita too.  Bubba hopefully would be hiding, but saying he had his balls that day, the police would shoot all three of my dogs.  And I’m not doing anything wrong.  But they could mix my house up with the guy a couple of doors down whose wife just died of cancer.  They have three medical marijuana cards and have 27 plants in the back yard.  But they aren’t my house and I should be fine.  Unless the police screw up and do a wrong door raid and get my house.  And shoot my dogs.  God forbid I hear the ruckus and don’t recognize the guys dressed in black as police and grab a weapon, because they will take me out in a hail of bullets and blame me for having a weapon.  Even though they are not in uniform, executing a paramilitary raid on the wrong house.

Isn’t it time we said enough of this police state?


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