Stuck on Stupid

I’m a thoroughbred that’s what she said

Well, it looks like one of the rodeo clowns fell out of the clown car.  Too bad, he was fun to watch.  Embarrassing, but fun.

The Republican concept that you beat a negro with another negro was offensive.  Especially since their negro spoke ebonics.  There I said it.  And if God told Herman Cain to run for President, who was Little Herman taking his marching orders from?

God: “Herman, I want you to run for President, your country needs you”

Herman: “Thank you Lord”

God: “Little Herman, I want you to  find every adulteress you can and show her the key to heaven”

Because God is a flip flopper.

Because y’all have been denied me.

Bullshit.  And it was the media’s fault that Herman Cain’s campaign went up in flames.  It had nothing to do with the 14 women he was banging who weren’t named Mrs. Cain.

Powerful men with wandering willies has gone on for ages.  Quit pretending like it doesn’t.  It’s a fact of life.  Some are faithful, others are not.  Standing up in front of the media and lying doesn’t help anything.  If you did it, stand up like a man.  Nothing pisses me off more than someone denying, denying and then having to do a mea culpa.  It’s your life.  You did it.  Own up to it.  I don’t know why we care unless you lie about it.  Or tell us God told you to run for President.  Or hold yourself up as an holier than thou vessel from God and have a hotel room full of male hookers and meth.

I don’t want to see another President going before the American people like Bill Clinton had to.  That is one of the things from his Presidency that really pisses me off.  That and the Glass Steagall thing.  God knows we don’t need another Checkers speech either.

This year I implore the Republicans to bring forth a viable candidate.  This country deserves better than your freak show has provided us.  Santorum?  Never.  Bachman?  That’s a whole week’s worth of posts on butterfly wingnuts.  Romney?  I love the “anybody but the Mormon faction” even though he’s the guy that would probably do the best job of the current freak parade.   Perry?  Did we not learn about Governors from Texas already?   Paul?  Interesting concepts that won’t convert to workable solutions, although I think he gets what conservatism really is.  Gingrich?  He’s been out of politics for 13 years, it’s changed.  Oh yeah and he was one of the architects of the current toxic Congressional situation.  And he’s a well known philanderer.  You can’t clean up bringing divorce papers to your wife while she is in the hospital for cancer.  And you can’t clean up the affair that lead to his third marriage.  And are we going to elect a guy who has been married three times?  He’s damaged goods on every level, not to mention a smug son-of-a-bitch.




  • OldTitleGuy

    Interesting that philandering has become a publicly discussed reason to disqualify a candidate for the presidency in recent decades. Wonder if we could elect Thomas Jefferson in today’s climate. (This is not REMOTELY saying that Cain is in any way comparable to Jefferson, he should get out because he doesn’t have the chops to be president.)

    How about a “draft Palin” movement? Leno, et. al., would love that.

  • Wine Dog

    Draft Palin would certainly fill the void that Cain left. I don’t know that it’s a good thing.

    That’s the thing, Thomas Jefferson couldn’t get out of Iowa today. My favorite current guy who has run and got no where was Wes Clark. He is still the the left of Obama which I find very interesting.

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