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Millions of people living as foes

You know, I’d leave this subject alone if it weren’t so important.  Or if it was the drum I’ve been pounding on for the last four years.

I’ve said for 20 years that the title industry needed to unionize.  Now I know OTG just regurgitated, but before you projectile vomit, consider this; if the industry was unionized the jobs wouldn’t have been shipped to India.  And we’d all be in pretty decent shape right now.  It’s not like the title companies have less work, they don’t.  It’s different work.  Probably more work.

Now riddle me this kittens, if you were making $127k per year would everything be peachy keen in your life?  My new favorite meme is earning over $110k every year and $127k the year he filed bankruptcy.  Just as an aside the sub headline “John Pike could no longer afford his mortgage, after the housing market crashed” is either ignorance on the part of the reporter or bullshit on the part of Pike.  If your income is the same and your payment is the same you can afford your mortgage no matter what the housing market does.  Idiots.  I certainly hope a bankruptcy judge didn’t consider that to have any bearing on anything.  But seriously if you can’t live on $127k a year in Roseville, you’re a…wait for it….piker.


Come on, you didn’t see that coming.

Today is Black Friday.  It makes me sad.  Today used to be the day that I would be in downtown San Francisco at 8am with a cup of coffee in hand to wander past each of the stores to see their new displays.  I’ll never forget the year that the Macy’s display looked like cherubs in bondage.  There were the puppies and kittens at Gumps, everybody’s windows were done up and beautiful.  But they put that shit up in August now and who the hell cares any more?  Afterwards I would head over to the SF Autoshow and see all the new toys.   This year I went to the car show on Monday with a friend of mine.

Check out that little lover.  That’s a Fisker Karma.  A 100% electric car.  $90k worth of love.  When I grow up I want one of those.  Because I will just have my attorney make the tickets go away.

One of the vehicles I have been considering for my business is a Mini.  For a lot of reasons.  Most importantly gas mileage.  They get like a gazillion mpg.  And they are built by BMW so they have all that BMW safety shit in them.  But I can’t see myself selling real estate out of a clown car.

Or maybe I should sell real estate from a clown car?  If it’s good enough for the Republican Presidential election it should be good enough for me.

Speaking of which, are those guys kidding?  I love a quote I heard the other day, “The Democrats move right and the Republicans move righter”.  That’s because they keep moving the shell because the only thing they want is all the power back.  They want Obama out at any cost.  They don’t want this country to get back on track, they don’t want to create jobs, they just want to take all they can for themselves and bitch about the unwashed masses fighting over the scraps.  Greed is still one of the seven deadly sins friends.

And it’s Christmas early in my world.  Jon Stewart is more reliable than cable news anchors for information.  For the record, he’s on the comedy channel.  Load up the clown car.

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  • OldTitleGuy

    Waaay back when I started at old Title Insurance & Trust, you could get fired just by uttering the word “union”.
    In my opinion, if Title were union, ALL the search/exam/wp functions would be done in Bangalore/Mumbai/Manila.
    There was a time when unions were vital and necessary. That time was before the LRB, OSHA and all the laws governing employment and the safety and welfare of the workers. The pensions established by the collective bargaining agreements (in both the public and private sectors) are proving to be crippling. My pension from TI is $154 a month.

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