It's all Reagan's fault,  Rant

We’re finally on our own

It could be argued that Occupy Wall Street is wasting a whole bunch of tax payer money.  And I wouldn’t dispute that it’s costing our cities a lot of money to manage the situation.  It could also be argued that a lot of the violence is being committed by the State.


I don’t think that’s ok.  And you shouldn’t either.  Pepper spray was not designed for that use.  Shame on them.

These guys aren’t going away.  And they shouldn’t either.  As much as Faux News would like to demonize them and say they are puppets of George Soros, this is organic.  George Soros didn’t offer to send them porto potties in NYC.  Bette Midler did.  And Bette is the 1%.  That’s actually a great interview, she gets it.

You’d think after all these years that the Cal PoPo would get it, but no.

Not the footage you’re seeing on Fox.  Or most of the other news stations right now.  That’s a Cal professor offering her wrists to the police to be arrested and then being hauled out by the hair, thrown down and arrested.  Who is really committing the violence?

The difference between now and the 60’s is the haircuts.  That’s it.  Bette is right.  Dirty hippie is so 1967, pick another phrase.  While you can still be mad at the folks in the 60’s that called our returning troops “baby killers”, I agree that was wrong, you can’t be mad at these guys who just want the millionaires and billionaires to pay the same taxes that we do.  Most billionaires pay 1% of their income in taxes.  I pay about 10 percent with all of my business deductions.  My highest bills in order are mortgage, car and health insurance, gasoline, taxes and then a plethora of bullshit after that.   An example of one of my bills that is 1% of my income would be Rita’s pet insurance.   Would it be great to pay that amount to the Feds?  Hell yeah!

The gripe is legit.  If the billionaires paid the same rate as the rest of us things would be a lot better in this country.  So Larry Ellison buys one less yacht.  Are you going to rally for the yacht broker?  I love the right wing argument that taxing billionaires wouldn’t make that much difference in the over all scheme of things so let’s not do it.  Really?  Then tax them and let’s move on.  It will generate around a trillion dollars.  Chump change to the federal government, but a trillion dollars that doesn’t have to be cut from somewhere and a trillion dollars load that doesn’t have to be carried by the middle class.  And the obscenity of it all is that it’s just their fair share.


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