This generation got no destination to hold

Hey Ricky!  Have a little problem with your Redneck Teleprompter?  Yeah, like we don’t see you shuffling around through your notes trying to figure out what the hell you’re talking about.

Oh my, that’s not what I was looking for, where’s my notes, Legislative, Judicial…gosh darn it, you know what I mean, the uh, er, jiminy crickets…uh, EPA?  How about the Executive branch?  And please, dude?  You can’t say “dude” when you walk around like you have a potato chip shoved up your ass that you can’t break.  I really wonder what’s wrong with Texas that they elected your dumb ass in the first place.

So does everybody feel like they can sit down and have a beer with this guy?  He doesn’t drink, dipshit, he’s an uber-christianista.  Why does this knucklehead have any viability at all?  And why for the second time won’t the Republicans run a true conservative that makes sense and doesn’t talk crazytalk.  These guys are all so nuts that Mitt Romney makes sense.  But we all know that he’s a Morman and that’s a cult…wait for it.

Speaking of Mormans, you know the cult that has exemption as a church that spent all that church money to promote Prop H8 in California.  My Morman neighbor across the street, who had one of the Yes on H8 signs in his yard is getting a divorce.  Nice to know the sanctity of marriage is intact in my hood.  I countered by selling the house up the street to a couple of gay guys.  There.

I have an epic rant coming about Bank of America and another about Chase.  I’ve spent the last two weeks screaming at both of them every morning.  Yesterday I told the poor customer service rep (the only one in over 30 calls that was helpful) that the CEO of Bank of America should be strung up on the bull on Wall Street and then burned at the stake by the occupiers.  Then I told her that the TOO-BIG-TO-FAIL bank that she worked for was so incompetent that they could fail and it would be six months before any one figured it out.  They would all just keep coming to work.

Speaking of Bank of Amerika, they assigned my loan to Green Tree Servicing because I’ve had some challenges as of late.  Nothing I can’t dig out of but two deals falling out in the same month hurts.  Two more falling out in the same week is devastating.  And it looks like I have a big hold on the bail out deal.  At least I wrote a bunch of other deals in the meantime.   Let me just say this about that when it comes to Green Tree.  They are a bunch of father rapers.  They harass me every single day.  They know I’m commission only.   I tell them when the deals are supposed to close and they call every goddamn day and beat me down as if something is going to change.  I’ve programmed them into my phone so most of their calls go to voicemail now.  But I wonder, what is the point of beating someone down like that?  I don’t take their calls because it messes with my head.  I get to wondering if I won’t make it, or if I really will lose the house.  That shit makes you lose your mojo and you cannot work in the business I’m in without your mojo.  So I have to wonder Bank of Amerika, what is the point of assigning the servicing of a loan out to a company that harasses and abuses your clients to the point that they are mentally beaten and give up?  What are you really trying to accomplish?  Steal houses?  I have utter and complete hate and contempt for you.  I wish I could go somewhere and say “Please buy my loan from Bank of Amerika and never let them around me again” but there’s no where you can do that.  My original loan was with Indymac, then Countrywide, now Bank of Amerika.  My loan went down that rabbit hole.  My choice is to sell a buttload of houses and pay off the loan, which is my plan.  I can sell them, I just need to get them closed, which is the issue in this market and then Bank of Amerika will be in my rear view mirror.

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  • dolphyngyrl

    1. What’s wrong with Texas is that it’s Texas. Everything in Texas is decorated with TEXAS! like they think they might forget where they are. Wait. Maybe they might?

    2. SP’s first nurse at the ER Friday night was Mormon. Divorced twice. Working for Catholic Healthcare West. What? Doesn’t divorce for a Mormon pretty much mean you’re screwed and you won’t be wearing your magic underwear to Heaven? I don’t get people who clearly are already out of the running still following a cult like that. Maybe I have too many brain cells.

    3. We went Countrywide – BofA – Seterus. I’m hoping to refi in the next couple of years with Golden1. Seterus kind of scares me with their serious backasswards system. How do you not take electronic payments? How does it take a week for a payment to show up with I use my bank’s electronic payment service? The fuck is wrong with you people?

    Which is pretty much the chorus line to my life right now.

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