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You eat white toast

It’s Guy Fawkes Day.  How appropriate.  He was originally seen as a terrorist but in more recent times has been regarded at a freedom fighter.  The stylized version of the Guy Fawkes mask appeared in V for Vendetta and those are the masks that Anonymous and now the OWS protestors have been using.  I just wish they weren’t made in China.  Seriously, that’s where they are made.  Come on Anonymous, get that one right please.  (On a side note, this could have been interesting)

The thing with the OWS folks is it sometimes take a few minutes to figure it out.  The real protestors are pretty smart.  (I do not support the rent-a-mob anarchist asshats)  Originally I thought “What’s the point of shutting down the port.  All that does is put the longshoremen out of work.”  There’s your real tea party cupcake.  They were stopping foreign goods from coming onto US soil.  Not that it worked, it was all symbolic but it took a while to figure that one out.  Now if they could get their Guy Fawkes masks made in the USA we’d be on to something.  How about somebody here manufacturing the Guy Fawkes masks?  There’s a start.

It’s hard to figure the whole thing out listening to the news.  The sound bytes we’re used to don’t tell the story at all.  I think this whole situation is shining God’s flashlight down on the media.  The same media I’ve been beating on for a long time, for different reasons than the Koch brothers’ chambermaids.

I kind of wish I thought of that one.  Or could draw.  Actually I might be able to draw if I started again.  Focus.

The point is that if you are getting your news from godforbid Fox or really any of the main stream outlets, you aren’t getting the real story.  At all.  Because if it bleeds, it leads.  I should have a new category at PBE.  Maybe it’s “if it bleeds it leads” or “The bubbleheaded blonde”.   Once you get past the traffic report, there is really no reason for televised news any more.  They never get the story right.  It’s all about marketing and who can sell the most soap bubbles and soda pop.  Who cares?

You are the 99%.  These guys don’t want socialism, they want equality.  And isn’t that what this country is about?

Because a Cory Smoot video was much more offensive than an Andy Rooney video.  Rest in peace.



  • OldTitleGuy

    “From each as to his abilities, to each as to his needs”. Who knew?

    I don’t watch TV News except as below. No talking heads, no fluff pieces, no opinion shows. I prefer to stew in my ignorance. I do subscribe to the two newspapers available to me. On the car radio, it’s the news station (which pretty much regurgitates the LA Times stories) and NPR for the stories and mispronunciations. Sometimes I’ll watch BBC News to see what everybody else thinks is important, and, rarely, the China news station. I do try to stay awake for the weather guy.

    So the Pro Basketballers are in labor negotiations and doing a lock-out or strike or somesuch. Average salary 5.7 million. Who gives a rats ass. What I care about is the plight of the 400 or so workers at the Staples center who aren’t going to get paychecks. Multiply that out nationwide and you have a pretty hefty group of people with “jobs” not getting paid their close-to-minimum wages. These folks don’t even own a Bentley, much less a Rolls.

  • Wine Dog

    That’s pretty much where I get my news too, but when I see a story I always google around the players to see if I can figure out what really happened.

    Maybe KISS could do a bunch of benefit shows at Staples and get the beer guy back to work. KISS shows are always good for the Toy-R-Us crowd. Or is that Raider games?

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