Bon Mots and Cheap Shots,  Rant

I can see it in your eyes, false hopes fed by lies

I know y’all love it when I’m pissed off.  I’m beyond pissed off, so much so that I spent a good hour awake in the middle of the night with my head spinning pissed off.

Yesterday I went to load up Rita and Norman in the truck to take them to a dog event at Sports Basement.  I fired up the truck and it didn’t sound right.  It was not an unfamiliar sound.  It was the sound of my truck without a catalytic converter.  And tonight’s the night I worry about my vehicles being vandalized.  This time the little jackholes cut the exhaust manifold and the exhaust pipe and apparently got away.  The last time it cost me $600 and I had the cat.  Last time they cut the exhaust pipe but not the manifold.  This is going to be a small fortune to fix.

I called the Concord PD and they wouldn’t even come out.  I’m sure it has something to do with the Clayton Police not arresting the criminals for them.  A little later a cop called me and told me about a program that was over with at Concord Toyota where they are doing some things to make them harder to steal.  My idea of harder to steal is different than theirs.   “Tamper resistant hardware and tracking numbers” is nice.  I want the thing to explode in the thief’s face and blow off his hands so he can never steal from anyone again.  I don’t think that’s asking to much.

On February 23rd mine was stolen.  The Clayton Police arrested David Ballesteros-Fajardo and two other clowns after they asked the Clayton Police for directions at 4am.  My converter was in the car.   On March 16, Walnut Creek Police arrested David Fajardo.  Again he had stolen converters in his car.   I asked the cop if David Fajardo was out of jail yesterday and he was.  So when I filed the online police report I told them who did it and to go out to Stockton and pick up his thieving ass.

Later yesterday I was talking to one of my clients.  He is a cop.  A very honorable man.  He’s retired out on a back injury.  He wants to go back to work and they won’t let him.  He hurt it picking up a fire hydrant to save someone’s life.  He now has to short sale because he’s not making the money he used to, he’s almost out of savings trying to do the right thing.   This guy re-painted the interior and re-caulked all the moulding BEFORE he would let me put his house on the market.  On a SHORT SALE!  Anywho, I’m talking to him and he said to call back CPD and ask them to do a Probation Check on Fajardo.  They don’t have to do it since he’s in San Joaquin County.  (San Joa for your SOA  fans)  And apparently the San Joaquin County Sheriff likes to jack guys up.  First on the agenda this morning.

And believe me the CoCo County DA is getting an earful.

Speaking of an earful, let’s end with a couple of videos.

Jeffrey Sachs is the one of the youngest economics professors in the history of Harvard.  He is the Director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University.  He wore a suit to Wall Street.

And if that didn’t lay it out in very simple terms, check out Cenk Uygur owning Bill O’Reilly and Fox news.

I can’t even add to what Uygur said, he just kills it.

OK, it’s Halloween, here’s your treat.

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