Said goodbye to his momma as he left South Dakota to fight for the red, white and blue

I think a big problem with these Occupy protests is that the media is doing a shitty job of covering them.  When I hear comments like “dirty hippies” and “get a job” it pisses me off.  I said it earlier, these guys are fighting for us.  All of us.

Math is fun.  Who are the 1%?  Who are these people who pay less taxes and run this country?

The last time the IRS released the numbers was for 2009.  That makes sense, 2010 taxes were just filed by us business people.  I got my ass kicked so badly last year that even as a business person all they are asking me for is a Pepsi and a bag of chips and that ought to cover it.  I owe self employment tax and that’s it.  But back to the 1%, because I’m the 99%.  The 1% makes over $343,927.  Check out this asinine article by Tammy Luhby on CNN, which I will now quote.

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Think it takes a million bucks to make it into the Top 1% of American taxpayers?

Think again. In 2009, it took just $343,927 to join that elite group, according to newly released statistics from the Internal Revenue Service

Tammy says “just $343,927”.

Just for shits and giggles, if you are a PBE reader and make over $343,927 per year would you just comment “I am the 1%, quit being such a bitch to me”.  You have to register and then log in to do that, but I’ll make it easy.  If you’re the 1% and read PBE I will actually put my email in a post today.  Write me at winedog at astound dot net.  I’ll count you.  If you exist.  I don’t believe there is a single reader of PBE (and my readership is around 4000 per month) who actually makes that.  I might have a few that make HALF of that.  But y’all aren’t the 1%.

That’s not to say that $343,927 isn’t a number to aspire to, it is.  It’s just not you or me right now.  I would venture to say that number did drop in 2010 but I’m sure it didn’t drop under $300k.  A lot of Realtors are up in arms about the protests but few have businesses that make enough to qualify them.  I’m not sure how the number works with expenses since I don’t do my taxes any more.  I only look at two numbers.  Then I shove it back in the envelope and wait for the nastygrams from the feds.  The truth of the matter is that the average income for a Realtor is around $23,000.  So in truth, few Realtors very few, are in the 1%.  They actually don’t get that they are being jacked because they aren’t and would be better off if they were.

That’s kind of what’s going on in the streets.  People are parroting the “news” outlets (translation conservatively owned propaganda stations, the liberal media is a myth) and have no idea that these people at these Occupy protests are actually fighting FOR them.  Don’t you wonder why there are so many veterans out there on the line?  Have you heard of OccupyMarines?  Yes, veterans of the USMC have responded and are there fighting again for us.  They aren’t dirty hippies, they are veterans.

Last night a former Marine was hit in the head by a Oakland Police projectile.  His skull was shattered.  The Marines are there because they aren’t the 1% either.  They are fighting for us.  Today, we should say a prayer for Scott Olsen’s recovery.  He’s fought for us three times.  The Oakland Police put him in the hospital.  If we don’t get a grip on this situation this country is going to explode into real violence.  It won’t be the negros burning Detroit this time.  It will be the people taking back the country for real.


  • OldTitleGuy

    For some reason, I am reminded of the Veterans protests (see Bonus Army) in the early ’30s where those guys just wanted to cash the 20 year bonds that were given to them as a pension but couldn’t be cashed until 1945. The government response was unreal, involving the US Cavalry led by Douglas MacArthur. Men died.
    FDR made this statement:
    “No person, because he wore a uniform, must thereafter be placed in a special class of beneficiaries over and above all other citizens. The fact of wearing a uniform does not mean that he can demand and receive from his government a benefit which no other citizen receives.” October 2, 1933.
    That particular piece of donkeyfazoo was well received at the time.

    Things change. WWI Vets were ignored. WWII vets were honored. Korean vets were ignored. VietNam vets were ignored and reviled. Current vets are back to being honored for their service. As it should be.

    Are vets opinions more important than anyone else? If so, I and my fellows should get to vote twice.

    The Occupiers are trying to make a point or two, futile though it may be in the short term. The CEO club isn’t going to care. Ask Bill Foley what he thinks. All of this makes good ink, although it’s all a bit vague. The middle class rises up. We can only vote for government positions, and unless you are a major stockholder, there isn’t going to be much impact on big corporate culture.

  • Wine Dog

    I remember one of my Uncle’s telling me stories about how poor they were in the Army before WWII.

    I don’t think you can keep doing what you’re doing when the bulk of the country has turned on you. The Billionaire Boys Club is going to have to have a come to Jesus. Lots of backlash this morning over Exxon’s numbers. 41% increase in profits to $10.33 billion or $2.13 per share. While it is the responsibility of the corporation to bring a profit, there is something immoral and unethical about those numbers. I think there is going to be a big problem if they don’t start being better citizens.

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