It's all Reagan's fault,  Rant

Some folks are born made to wave the flag

“The civil rights movement was a few years in front of me. I was too young to participate when they first started the freedom rides and the sit-ins. So on a day-to-day basis, it didn’t have an impact. I just kept going to school, doing what I was supposed to do, and stayed out of trouble. I didn’t go downtown and try to participate in sit-ins. Counter to our real feelings we decided to avoid trouble by moving to the back of the bus when the driver told us to. Dad always said, ‘stay out of trouble,’ and we did.” `Herman Cain

Perhaps he should have named his book “From the Big House to the White House”.  It’s catchy, you’ve got to give me that.  But that’s actually not to subject today.  The juxtaposition, that’s the story here.

Lots of African Americans did not join that fight on the street.  Lots of like thinking white Americans did not join that fight on the street.  It takes a special person to go out there, risk arrest, injury and even death to fight for the rights of the rest of us.  ACT-UP used to make me cringe, but they fought a fight that needed to be fought.  At the time we had a President who had never uttered the term “AIDS” in public, while Americans died.  I hated ACT-UP’s tactics and did not participate even though I had friends who were dying and they were fighting for people I cared about.  There was a rag tag element to those protests, but they were right.  They were as right as the anti-war protestors of the 60’s.  (not the ones screaming “baby killer” at our returning soldiers, those guys were wrong) They were as right as the Civil Rights protestors of the 60’s.  They were as right as the original tea party.  (I’m sure those guys in Bostom harbor spelled their signs correctly)  And they were as right as the Occupy Wall Street protestors are today.

They are fighting a fight that needs to be fought for America.  Here’s a good reason why.

That’s a Gallup question asked to Chinese and American families.  19% of American families are what they call “food insecure”.  That is, they don’t know where their next meal might come from.  Now I could go on about how the only thing they can afford is cheap ass fast food that is full of hormones and antibiotics and wood.  And how that might make them fat and sick.  And how that might put a strain on the health care system, because they probably don’t have insurance either.  But that would take money out of the pockets of billionaires and we wouldn’t want to do that.  Because this is America.  Which right now looks a lot like Rome.  Fixin’ to burn.

But really today I wanted to draw the parallel with those who fight for us in the streets and those of us who sit in our comfy homes and “stay out of trouble”.  Time magazine just did a poll that said that 54% of America supported the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  That’s pretty decent support in a divided country.  There’s this weird little phenomenon where they are finding that the Occupy Wall Street guys are spelling the words on their signs properly, a feat that has consistently eluded the Teabaggers.


I wonder why the Teabag protestors are referred to as “Americans” by Faux News and the Occupy Wall Street guys are referred to as “dirty hippies”.   That’s not “fair” or “balanced” you asshats.

I support Occupy Wall Street.  They have finally gotten to the root of the problem and they are pointing the finger at the Emperor.  And he wears no clothes.

As for Herman Cain, he’s just a House Negro.  His 15 minutes is going to be up pretty quickly here.


  • Trailer Park Cyclist

    I was sitting at my table listening to NPR or whatever it is called nowadays since their funding got cut off and trying to think up something witty and entertaining to put on my bicycle blog when the Voice said “There’s a lot of stuff goin’ down maybe it’s time to step up and say something real for once” and I said “No, Voice, be quiet people just want to be entertained.” But that effin’ Voice won’t ever shut up if you know what I mean and then Grant Petersen said something then Judi and now you…although it is a little more in the character of your blog to get political what the Voice meant was maybe it is time for EVERYBODY to get Political.

    But who listens to voices?

    Tim Joe

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