That’s why I hang my hat in Tennessee

Greetings from the Land of Rick Perry.  It’s a parallel universe down here.  I’m in Austin.  We can see the State house from our hotel.  I wonder if his Helmet headed Highness is here.  Probably not.  I suppose that’s OK.  Monday night was the first night I’ve ever spent in the Lone Star State.  We flew in on Monday, had events the rest of the day and evening.   Yesterday we started again at 7:45am and ran until 5pm.  At that point I had three mixers to go to.  The nice thing about these events is someone else buys the cocktails.  Until you’ve had too many and then you get to buy your own.  Except in my case, someone else kept buying them.  It pays to hang with the top producers.   Or maybe just the PoPo.


Hard to say.

Anyway, after an evening of bad decision making, the training resumed this morning.  One thing I can tel you about the Cult of Red, they walk the walk.  I have never worked for a learning based company before and these guys go out of their way to train you properly so it is totally your fault if you’re not successful.

Speaking of which, I just found out I’m number 12 in the office.  That puts me in the top 20% and gives me 11 people to chase.  For a personality like mine that is a powerful motivator.  Nobody get’s up in the morning and does back flips because they’re number 12.  Granted I thought I was in the middle of the pack and granted number 1,2, and 3 are setting the world on fire, but it gives me a goal.  That’s a good thing.

I had some time this afternoon before my flight.  I stopped by Mellow Johnny’s.  Sort of a pilgrimage.  They’re very nice there.  They have probably 10-15 bikes in there that Lance has ridden either in general or in races.  Beautiful bikes.  Bikes that weight like 2.5ozs.  There some stuff from some other guys there too.  It’s like a museum, bike store, coffee shop, fitting studio, spin studio facility.  Worth the walk in the Texas heat.

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