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A White Sport Coat and a Pink Crustacean

There is a host of things that I want to rant on.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty pissed off right now in general, it’s kind of an underlying life theme right now.


However, there are also a lot of good things going on and I am a lucky dog.  So today we’re going to talk about a couple of recent adventures.  There are some more coming up too, so I have some great stuff going on.

A couple of weeks ago I got invited up to Hahn Family Wineries for the Pinot Smackdown.  This was Twitter event.  I’m not on Twitter so much any more, so the invites are slower than they used to be, but I am a fan of Hahn Family Wines and I got to hang.  They rolled out all of their Pinots, or at least it seemed like they did with a nice selection of crackers and cheese.  Actually that little fact is what cancelled out the vegan thing.  I can’t live without cheese.  My life is perfect if there is a soft French cheese in it.  One of the problems with living out in the ‘burbs is the lack of cool cheese stores where I can go in and sample different cheese and pick out something wonderful I’ve never had before.  I don’t know if the place is still up in the upper Fillmore, maybe on California but I used to love that place.  Anywho, at Hahn they also had another cheese that was dusted in truffles with a hint of I believe nutmeg in the rind.  Really ridiculously good.

There was a great mix of people, including Alan Kropf the editor of Mutineer Magazine.  Alan was just picked by Wine Enthusiast as one of the 30 under 30 in the beverage business.  I love this guy.  He’s the one that called the Jordan Cabernet a street fight in a glass.  He brings a brilliant fresh outlook to the beverage business and wine in particular.  Although he can cocktail with the best of them.

Hahn Family Wines doesn’t make a bad Pinot, they make varying degrees of good heading to spectacular in several instances.  I’ve talked about Paul the winemaker before.  He’s a surfer dude who makes wine, like Oded of Longboard.  I think that combination of interests makes for a very talented winemaker.  Perhaps it’s the understanding of the spirituality of the ocean that translates into the spirituality of the terroir, I don’t know for sure, but it works.  Unfortunately they served up so many Pinots that I’ve got nothing beyond “there isn’t a bad one in the bunch”.  I’d never had the Lucienne line before.   I don’t even recall what was what specifically, but I can tell you that Lucienne Pinor Noir is really something.  Hahn Family wines has something like seven or eight labels.  The Lucienne seems to be their higher end or maybe it’s just how they put it together.  It’s amazing.  They’ve also added a Hahn Estate SLH that I don’t recall seeing previously.  SLH Santa Lucia Highlands.  These guys just do a great job of putting out wine after wine that’s priced well and never hurts your tongue.

One of the other people I met there was Linda Cordair of Cordair Gallery in Napa.  She told me about this project that Chef Robin White had going on the following week, Cold Soup Week.  She had seven days of soup recipes and seven days of wine pairings starting that Sunday.  From Robin’s website:

What is it? “Soup Week” is an online event. For 7 consecutive nights, (August 21 – 27) Chef Robin White will host a LIVE twitter conversation around her 7 original soup recipes and wine pairings for 7 nights in a row!

Another twitter event, fair enough.  Check out the recipes, really good stuff.  Then halfway through the week came an invite from Linda to the finale at her gallery in Napa.  Oh hell yeah.  Chilled Heirloom Tomato Soup with a Caribbean Style Lobster Salsa.  Oh hell yeah.  I had seconds.  Given the opportunity I would have done with it like the guy in Sideways.

The soup had this spicy sweet thing going on all at once, it was just amazing.  I’m going to work through the other recipes just because it’s so damned good.

Flora Springs was there pouring their 2010 Syrah Rose.   It’s a nice crisp rosé.  It’s not sweet, which is everybody’s bitch about rosé.  It has a hint of strawberries and spice to it.  Perfectly matched with the acidity of the tomato soup and Chef’s sneaky spicy pop on the back palate of the soup.  Cordair Gallery has some beautiful art in there as well.  Just made for a nice stop.

I don’t know what’s next up, it might be a rant.  Stay tuned.

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