So I want to write my words on the face of today

I don’t know why anyone in this country is buying Mitch O’Connell’s bullshit.

Say, hypothetically, I’m a title company employee.  I lose my high paying job in October of 2006.  I’m out of work for 5 months, then I get another job at a fraction of what I was making.  I work there for almost two years before I lose my job again.  I have to start my own business because I can’t get work.  That works fine for the first 18 months and then I have to start my business again.  All the while my income spirals downward.

While this is occuring I cut costs.   I quit going out to eat.  I stop buying wine.  I brown bag it.  I grow my own vegetables and make my own bread.  I cut out cable television, I cut back on leaving lights on, running things when I’m not there, cut energy cost I can.  I get the stripped down garbage service.  I renegotiate all of my insurance.  I drop a bank account that’s costing me money. 

Not one of those things solves all of my problem, but the cummulative effect of doing all of those things eases the issue.

So how on God’s green earth are we suppose to reconcile the Mitch O’Connell’s argument that taxing the richest 2% of Americans at the same rate as, say every other one of us, shouldn’t be done because iti doesn’t make that much difference in solving the deficiet?  Is anybody listening to these assklowns?  That is the stupidest argument I have ever heard.  How about I keep my cable and showtime and Home Box and all that other shit because it won’t make that much difference in solving my defecit problem.  America, are you listening?  This is utter bullshit.  Warren Buffet, Paris Hilton, Steve Jobs, Barbra Streisand can all afford it.  Shameful.  Maybe this is a little insight to what really matters to these guys. 

Here’s the deal, Obama’s incoming money is off the hook right now.  He had 170,000 individual contributers by this time in 2007.  He has 550,000 now.  He is crushing all the Republican opponents right now.  From what I see, only one is qualified to run the country and the GOP won’t pick Mitt Romney.   That’s too bad.  We will save Michelle Bachman for another day.

Here’s my solution, re-write that tax code.  POS taxation.  That’s it.  You can have it, you can earn it, you can keep it.  Spend it and you pay for taxes.  I suppose that will send some people up to Montana to build a Ted Kascynski unibomber cabin, but not too many.  We’re Americans.  We’re lazy.

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  1. Wine Dog: I wanted to share this article with you. Look at the website “thepressdemocrat”. It is the newspapers for Sonoma County. There is an article entitled, “Healdsburg faceoff: Cyrus restaurant sues Les Mars Hotel”. Foley purchased the Les Mars Hotel last year about the same time as he bought, Chalk Hill Winery. It appears that Foley is acting like he always does, and is engaged in “a pattern of abuse, threat and intimidation” to try and force the owners out of the hotel. Foley is used to getting his way and asked the Restaurant owners to supply the hotel with room service. When the owners said No to him, Foley went to the Restaurant investors and told them a series of lies to try and void the long term lease the Restaurant has in place. The Restaurant owner is suing Foley for “trade slander”. Good for the Cyrus Restaurant. I hope they take the lawsuit all the way. May Foley be bit by a rattlesnake as he wanders his many acres at Chalk Hill Winery? Old Prune Picker

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