Scent and a sound I’m lost and I’m found

I’ve mentioned that I use Buffini Company’s system for my business.  I have one of their coaches.  Satan.  He pushes me hard enough that sometimes I just want to push back.  I did that on Friday.  I sent him the email with my schedule and he wanted me to go do a face to face (not on the schedule) with a client.   Any client.  My response?  I didn’t shower until 5pm.

Now that’s not to say I wasn’t doing things that needed doing.  I made my calls.  But I really, really, really needed to clean my office.  At the end of the day I’d filled my waste basket three times.  And there’s a huge stack of stuff to burn shred.  I’ve got one desk (there are three in my office) left to clear, but it’s covered with papers that need to be filed, not destroyed.  It was that bad in here.  Ask Auntie.  She was here staying with the Hellhoundz while I was on the Ride.  Even though I cleaned up the house before she got here, she went through and cleaned the entire house.  Including the windows, except my office.  She called it the Inner Sanctum.  I call it a crime scene.

One of the things I found when I was cleaning up the office was a CD I got from Buffini profiling traits of mine that can help and hinder my business.  I’d never put it into the computer to see what was on it.  It was John Buffini reading the traits of my personality along with things to watch out for.

The guiding light as it were of my personality is a “free spirit”.  I know that comes as a great surprise to all.  OK notsomuch.  One of the things that he said was that I was like a wolf.  I’m happy out there just wandering around and I am a diligent hunter for my food, but if I get snared in a bear trap I will chew off my leg to get away.   That is the absolute truth.  In my youth I, on several occasions, picked up my coffee cup and my slotted hole punch and drove off, because I felt trapped.  As I got older the wisdom of that self destructive behavior faded, but the feelings of being trapped didn’t.  I found several less self destructive ways to curb the feeling.  Getting lost on a long lunch, hitting a bucket of balls at lunch, calling in bored, all worked for me.

Yesterday I wanted to chew my leg off.  I scheduled myself to ride up Mt. Diablo, I had a certain amount of time allotted for that task and I could not get my ass out of the door.  Feasibly I could have left at 6:30.  It was clear and the sun was up.  I turned off my alarm and didn’t get up to 5:30.  Then I fooled around and fooled around and finally got out the door at, I kid you not, 9:07.  By then Mt. Diablo was pretty much off the table.  But I didn’t stop there.  I had flyers to flyer the neighborhood of my open house.  I needed to be in the neighborhood by 1pm.  I got there at 1:30.  And then the thing that is the biggest red flag of all.  I shut down.  I was sitting there alone waiting for people to come by and I could hardly keep my eyes open.  Then I was out.  Luckily no one came by for those few moments, but it was clear that all work and no play makes johnny a dull boy.

I had a phone meeting with one of the other Buffini brothers last month.  He spoke to the free spirit as well.  He told me I needed to consider conducting business on the golf course.  I thought that was an interesting concept coming from an Irishman.  One of the women who started me out in golf was another broker at Morgan Stanley.  She used to be at McCalls magazine.  She was getting shut out of business by the men who were conducting their deals on the golf course.  So she learned to golf.  I loved that about her.  She bought a set of Pings, took some lessons and became a pretty good golfer.  She wanted me to get a set of Pings, but I started with a more beginner set, a set of Square Twos.  Then one year when things were particularly good, I got a set of Calloways.  I never did like the Pings.  I wanted to like them, I just didn’t or maybe they just didn’t like me.  I love my Calloways.  And I miss them.  Because I’ve been working too much.

That’s the most interesting of concepts.  One of the pitfalls of this business is that people will not do what they need to do to run their business.  They won’t make the calls, knock on the doors, do the follow up, all that annoying crap.  I don’t mind doing it.  I will do that and a ton more.  I’ve found that I have been consistently putting in around 10-12, even 14 hour days ever since I started this business.  And that’s one of the other traits I need to watch for, I’ll work so hard I’ll burn myself out and be ineffectual.

I don’t know exactly what the point is today, beyond literary masturbation, but I do know that even though PBE has been a little ignored as of late it is one of the things that I love. I love when I write something interesting enough that people come in and comment.  And I know if I don’t pay attention to PBE I’ll end up chewing my leg off.

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