And when I start erupting ain’t nobody gonna make me stop

I’m trying to get everybody a little love before the Ride next Sunday. I know there is going to be 8 days with no PBE coming up. Unless Title Slug comes in and gives you some love in my absence.

First up, THANK YOU! I made it. Not that there isn’t time to donate to my ride because there is, but I blew through the fundraising minimum yesterday. I knew I would. I had an amazing day a couple of weeks ago. We’d just ridden Morgan Territory Road over the weekend and I was sitting down with a client. I’d been sitting for a while and when I went to stand up my knees were very tight and I groaned. She commented on arthritis, which is one of the problems, but I said I’d ridden 91 miles on Saturday training for the AIDs ride and I was a little stiff from that. Her brother jumps up and says “I’ve ridden that three times!” and then proceeds to write me a big check as did his sister. Then he takes me out in the garage and pulls down a box full of memorabilia from his rides. He doesn’t look like a guy who would have done the AIDS ride three times, but that’s the beauty of this ride, it brings in all kinds. He did his first one on a mountain bike. All three bikes hang in the garage. It was kind of awesome. His daughter met him at the finish line in LA. There was something about that picture. Then I went to lunch with a friend who wrote me another check. I knew I only had $210 to go after that day. Yesterday the staff posted all of the checks and I was done. Thank you everyone!

Now, because everybody is happier when I’m raging, let’s rage.

I should just have a category “And God said “What the Hell Were You Thinking?”.” Except I don’t know where to put the quotation marks.

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Klown Klan will be at the front of that line. Right now it’s hard to say exactly what happened in Joplin during the President’s appearance at the memorial service but suffice it to say that Westboro’s website said there was going to be a protest and one guy showed up. One guy from Westboro. Three hundred bikers showed up and blocked off the memorial so the citizens of Joplin didn’t have to deal with the Klown Klan. Current rumor is that they were blocked in at a Flying J truck stop and never made it to the protest. I like how these bikers roll. I would like to be a fly on St. Peter’s wall when Freddie gets to the Pearly Gates. I just would.

Now I have to quote a guy. This guy was the President of the Board of Realtors. Or maybe he is, it’s not the Board I belong to, I belong to Bay East, but talking politics on Facebook is a no-no if you run a business. Thankfully, I have Pink Bunny Ears to blow off steam. Here’s the quote:

Californians think Texan George Bush is stupid. However, in the last decade, California lost 600,000 private sector jobs, according to US government statistics – the worst jobs performance record in the nation. Texas added 700,000 private sector jobs – the best jobs performance record in the US. What was California’s response in the Nov 2010 elections? Ignorance is made worse by lacking the humility to admit it.

Dear Ignorant One who will never get a vote from me,

George Bush hasn’t been the Governor of Texas since 2000.  He was only the Governor from 1994 to 2000.  That last year he was running for President.  Essentially he was Governor of Texas for about five years.  And that was eleven years ago.  Do I think George Bush is stupid?  Well, let’s see, this country was attacked on his watch in spite of a report that said “Osama determined to attack US” detailing exactly what OBL did.  Bush’s response to Rice “Well you covered your ass”.  Then he told us to go to Disneyland.  Then he tough talked like he was John Wayne or some shit with his “wanted dead or alive” bullshit and never did catch OBL.  Then Mr. You Did a Heckofajob there Brownie let New Orleans drown.  And then he presided over one of the worse economic collapses in the history of this country and did nothing.  I defy you to show me another single American who is responsible for more deaths than George Bush.  No one executed more prisoners and no one else started two wars without ever getting the guy they were …oh yeah we already went over that one.  St. Peter might bust a gusset laughing at Bush.  He’s not a good Christian and he wasn’t a good President.  Yeah, he’s stupid.  Don’t forget when he ran an oil company he couldn’t find oil in Texas.  Yeah, he’s stupid.  And we’re stupid for electing his dumb ass twice.  And if Texas is that damned great, move there.

Ah that feels better.  Naturally I think this guy is a total moron for putting that on his Facebook status.  That’s why you have websites that aren’t attached to your name.  Duh.

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