Give me 40 acres and I’ll turn this rig around

Seems like it was a great week to be Obama.  First he hands Trump his lunch and then he brings Osama Bin Laden in on a slab.  And in the middle, he showed up in Alabama where the State got it’s ass kicked by tornados.  Heck of a job there Brownie wouldn’t have made it down there for another week.  He’s begining to sound like a Colt McCoy joke.  I wish I could remember one right now, but the essence is that Colt McCoy is super human.  One voice we didn’t hear yesterday, Mr. Wanted Dead or Alive useless cowboy.

I’m not too comfortable with the rejoicing over his death.  Rejoicing over anyone’s death makes me itch.  Not that I don’t think he deserves it.  If anyone deserved a cap in his ass it was that guy.  Live by the sword and all.  Or as they USMC says “It’s God’s job to forgive bin Laden, It’s our job to arrange the meeting.”  Funny and all, but if you read the Bible, it’s all of our jobs to forgive.  That’s what’s wrong with this country, we don’t know what it actually says but we’re spouting off about it all the time.  But rejoicing over someone’s death just seems immoral to me. I’m glad he went down on Obama’s watch and not GWB.  I don’t think I could have stomached his Snidely Whiplash guffaws over the death of another.  No matter how despicable the character, death is just one of those things that should be handled with reverence.  Any other response and we have to ask ourselves what kind of barbarians have we become.

The Special Forces handled his body in accordance with Muslim tradition and now the conspiracy theorists can strap on their tin foil caps and have at it.  Even with the DNA evidence there’s no way this one is going to go uncontested by the wing nuts.  Apparently he is unrecognizable because SF blew his head off.  Ergo Obama has announced this simply to boost his poll numbers.  Mark my words.

Anywho, the Mitt Romney reference at the correspondents dinner was not lost on me.  He did bring universal health care to Massachusetts.  As time passes, I’m certain that I am right, it will be apparent that he should have shoved it down the Republicans throats when he could.  Of course I’m not sure what they’re going to talk about now that he’s produced his birth certificate, killed Osama bin Laden and formed a commission the look into BP’s handling of the Gulf Oil spill.  Or does that commission fall under the category of big government and we should just let an oil company destroy our environment and poison the sea life and ultimately food chain in the gulf?  Are you starting to figure out what a mess this country is in because of oil?

This little chart is all over the internet.  This little chart by the American Petroleum Institute.  No bias there.


It complete with captioning that poor long suffering Exxon, you know the same assholes that drove the Valdez into a reef and ruined the Alaskan environment for years and years, made only $.02 per gallon on gasoline.  Poor Exxon.  And the big bad Government made, well depending on what state you live in as much as $.66.1 per gallon by the trainwreck of a state I live in.   (NY and Hawaii are right behind us)  In 2009 Exxon received a $156 million rebate from the IRS and paid any federal taxes.  Nice work if you can get it.  All with $.02 per gallon, if you believe the American Petroleum Institute.  All these Right winged monkey assholes think it’s the government’s fault that gasoline is so expensive right now.  No.  Idiot.  It’s the commodities market.  The tax did not go up $.50 in the last two months.  Oh the commodities market?  Yeah, that’s in Chicago.  It’s not the same licensing as the stock market.  The stock market requires a Series 7 and a Series 66.  The commodities market is a Series 31.  And oh yeah, I was licensed to do that too.  What does this mean?  More Wall Street assholes are making money on the backs of average Americans and once again we’re too stupid to blame the right people.  Need some insight as to how these twits behave?  Go watch the Enron movie.  Same guys doing it to the American public in a different arena.

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  1. Someone on my facebook feed made the comment that her fellow Americans remain a bigger threat to her safety than Osama ever was and, sadly, it’s pretty true and something Obama’s consistently dropped the ball on. Granted, I still think he’s much better than the alternatives, but for someone who talked big to get elected, he’s spending a lot of time pandering to the religious right.

    It amuses me no end that MonkeyDo does NOT understand the big deal about the Bible. She gets really annoyed about it, too. And then MonkeySee says “It’s just a story book.”

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