And can you hear the sound of hysteria?

I was going to talk about wine today, but I just got pissed off enough at the GOP to talk about those idiots.

1.  They don’t pay the troops, or the federal employees but they pass a bill to pay themselves?  WTF.  I think we should all write our incredibly rich Senators and tell them that they need to pass a bill that says if we don’t get paid because they didn’t do their job, then they don’t get paid.  The leverage of course is that Senators are a lot richer than the House of Representatives.

2.  Boehner brought the country to the brink over social policy.  The party who says they are about less government brought us to the brink over social policy.  The party of personal responsibility brought us to the brink over social policy…bullshit.

Because people who end up having kids they don’t want don’t put any strain on the system.  Jackasses.

The thing is Obama gave in on some of the Planned Parenthood bullshit, but Boehner wouldn’t stop.  And then Obama shut his ass down.  Boehner drew a line in the sand and Obama folded his arms and said we’re done here.  Actually his exact response was “Nope.  Zero.”  And that was the right response.

Did you know that they were also trying to bar the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greehouse gas emissions?  Yeah, all the tin foil hat crowd is up in arms over minute levels of radiation which has reached California’s shores but the real killers?  No problem.  Get a clue people.  It is time we invested in clean energy.  We wouldn’t be broke if we weren’t dependent on foreign oil.  We all drive self charging hybrid automobiles and Khadafi, Iraq, Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan are irrelevant and we can bring our troops home.  Here’s a little calculator.


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  1. Dontcha just love Congresswoman Linda Sanchez who let us know she lives from paycheck to paycheck on her measly 174k salary?
    Well, she does have a kid, and you know how those expenses can add up.

  2. Actually she has four kids. But then she has a husband who’s a PR guy too. And she sure missed a softball on that one. The correct answer was “I live pay check to pay check like most Americans and I am going to have a tough time if I don’t get paid, the clerk in the federal office is going to have a worse time. We need to quit playing politics and pass this budget for America.” But she didn’t.

    At least there’s a Duke Snider day.

  3. Dang. Well I didn’t know she had four kids. That changes the dynamic entirely. I don’t see how ANYBODY can get by on only 174,000 a year with four kids. Perhaps we could have a benefit event for her? Better yet, could we have a benefit event for ME?

  4. It’s $174k plus her husband’s salary. Her PR husband probably sat her down after that interview for the ol’ “What were you thinking?” conversation.

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