No one understands your verity

I suck.  I’ll own that.  This might have been the longest between posts ever for PBE.  My to do list around here looks like War and Peace.  It actually has notes so I can remember what I’m supposed to do for each subject.  And the weed whacker died last weekend.  Not good in the spring here at the Farm.

I have a coach with Buffini and Company.  They are the top real estate coaching firm in the country.  It is definitely helping me lay the foundation for my business.  They had a two day event in Monterey I just went to.  Being out of town always makes the to do list a little more adventuresome.  For the first time ever Bubba and Loki got along.  I suspect the catalyst for this new found dog love was my absence.  Bubba didn’t feel the need to be the man of the house because a real man was actually here and his alpha bitch wasn’t.  He celebrated by stealing a loaf of bread from The Brother while he was cutting it.  Bad dog decision.  Apparently, Loki recognizing the Brother’s tone, knew there was dog hell to be paid and ran and hid in the nearest crate.  Bubba upon being reprimanded headed to the nearest now occupied crate.  Sharing with Loki was better than facing the music outside the safety of the crate.  The boys are good now.

Anyway back to my coach.  My coach is Satan.  Strangely the profile that they did on me paired us up.  I find this to be incredulous.  I think he was a college football player and might have gotten briefly to the Show.  His brother is in the NFL.  This guy is the real deal.  And they paired him with me.  I met him finally on Tuesday.  He’s a stud.  Times two.  And now that I met him, I really can’t let this guy down by not doing my honey do list from him.  That sucks.  On the upside, he told me that this not taking time off thing is screwing me up and I must block out time for myself before I book my schedule and act as if it’s an appointment.  So today is blocked out.  There will be a run to the wine country and jackassery will ensue.  And I will have a much better post available tomorrow morning.

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