Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

You can’t afford to waste good liquor, George

This is Pretty Girl.

This is Snoop.

That picture best describes Snoop.  6 months of never ending energy.

Occasionally he quit moving long enough to get a photo.

And that’s why my floors always look like crap.

And this will be why I file suit against the City of Concord and Jackie Seeno if this ever gets to my house.  That’s our neighborhood fence line back there.  It’s down from the high that day.  I was reading on our local news website about how the creek was rising around mid day.  I got home around 6pm and the guys in the neighborhood were up on the bridge watching the creek.  They showed me where it rose to.  It breeched at the Seeno property and they had two inches of water on that property before it receded.  Guess who will be torching the City Council on Tuesday night?  I’ve got three minutes.

This was sent to me.  It’s really cool.  You can pan in on any part of the picture.  George Bush looks like he has gas.  Or maybe he’s just uncomfortable sitting next to Dr. Evil.

A few important women checked out this week.  Geraldine Ferraro the first woman candidate from a major political part be nominated for Vice President.  She spent a lot of her life serving her country.  And boldly marched to her own drummer.

And last but certainly not least, after 40 years of speculation Elizabeth Taylor finally checked out.

I’ll skip the story of the Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf drinking game…suffice it to say you drink when Martha drinks.  The litany of that Elizabeth Taylor’s life is unparalleled, but one of the most important things to her was her advocacy efforts involving HIV and AIDS.  She lent her celebrity and helped raise over $100 million to fight the pandemic and expand public awareness.  She co-founded amfAR.

I don’t know how I skipped over her when I did my December Project, but today I’m righting a wrong.  Today I ride for Elizabeth Taylor (because she hated being called Liz).

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