Tsunami town USA, The King’s Speech

Sometimes living in a small coastal town lets you take life at your own pace. The bay regulates the temperature, never too hot and rarely too cold. The tide comes in and the tide goes out. Whales migrate off shore, in their turn; humpbacks, gray whales, orcas and blue whales all linger over the nutrient rich up swells from the submarine Monterey Canyon. The dolphins and the surfers play, in the same surf, all year long. At one point we enjoyed calling ourselves Surf City, USA. Seems that Huntington Beach made a claim on that name. So as of March 11, 2011, we should be Tsunami City, USA (take that Crescent City!).
That being said, I finally went to see the King’s Speech. Geoffrey Rush, Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter are always worth watching. The film was 2010’s best picture! What could go wrong?
The film could’ve been an Adam Sandler flick. It should have been called, “We’re terribly sorry for making and distributing The Queen. See, the Royals are just normal folk, not stuffy turds”.
Please consider; Bertie’s (Firth) biggest fear is his stammer (and what it represents). Yet, he’s about to ask another generations of Britan’s boys to fight and die in a war. Lionel (Rush) earned his degree is speech therapy at the UHK (university of hard knocks). He rehabbed damaged Aussie boys after the Great War. He found their fear and got them past it. This dichotomy was never explored.
Lionel’s methods were great. Listen to music, not your voice. Do you stammer when you talk to yourself? Bertie was a fearful lion. I get all that. However, there wasn’t an unlikable character in the lot (Perhaps David and Mrs. Simpson were loathsome character sketches).
In our time we’ve seen the linguistically challenged call us to war. We’ve known the irony of those who work cleaning the messes made by those who don’t. We’ve seen mixed words representing unclear thinking. Why then, was the tension between the two major characters never addressed. Because it’s like a Adam Sandler flick.
Our own King’s speech.

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