If it’s the last thing that we ever do.

Not a big fan of linking back to myself, but here’s the back story…and then some.  And here’s where it showed up in the news.  I should have known the Concord Police weren’t smart enough to actually catch a criminal.  They weren’t.  Luckily the Clayton guy was on the job.  I’m sure the Concord Police were sitting around drinking coffee or making bogus busts.  That’s all these ass clowns seem to do.

They pulled me over again last week with one of their speed traps.  Now the street I live off of has people racing down it all of the time.  It’s essentially an old two lane rural road that’s been built up over the years.  There’s a stop sign they blow through to the point that it’s impossible to get across the street to make a left turn.  We’ll come back to this in a minute.  I turned off of that street onto the main street and some how in less than 100 yards this asshat says I get my car up to 49 mph.  He shows me his radar gun to prove his point.  What he doesn’t know is that I saw him pull his radar gun out.  NOT put it away.   Shouldn’t a motorcycle cop be putting the radar gun AWAY before he gets on his motorcycle if he got me on his radar?  I don’t think he got me at all.  I think he got someone at 49mph and didn’t reset his gun and just pulled me over because I had a BMW.  And yeah, that means I saw him.  He shows it to me and I say “Bullshit”.  He says in all earnest “I caught you going 49mph”.

“No you didn’t.  I only traveled 100 yards, I would have had to put my foot in it to get up to 49mph in that short distance.”

“This is a BMW”

“I am aware of that.  And gas is $4 per gallon and I don’t waste gas at that price by jackrabbiting out of a stop”

“This car will do that”

“This car is not low end, it’s high end speed.  It’s a straight six.  A 2.5liter engine.  You are full of crap.”

“I’m not going to argue with you.”

“That’s fine, argue with my attorney because you’re lying.”

And with that I got another ticket.  But I didn’t stop there.

“So how come you guys can’t seem to find your way over to Olive and Ayers where people cut through a residential area, drive way too fast and run stop signs every single morning?”

“We don’t have a complaint about that.”

“Oh bullshit.  It’s all over claycord.com.”

“I don’t read that website.”

“Well you should, you guys look pretty foolish over there.”

“Did you report it?”


“Then we don’t know about it.”

By then I was incensed.  I signed his bullshit liar liar pants on fire ticket, but as I drove away I called the Concord Police and got the head of traffic on the line.  She told a little different story.  The funny thing is, 10 days later I haven’t seen a single goddamned cop at Olive and Ayers.

But this story gets better.  Wednesday night the Walnut Creek Police arrest a carload of morons for stealing catalytic convertors and guess what?  Same freaking guy.  If the Contra Costa County District Attorney can’t do their job either, just drop this asshole off at my house and I’ll take care of it.  Then send Concord Disposal by in an hour to take out the trash.  If this is how these guys do their jobs we might as well disband them all and let anarchy be the order of the day.

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