We all know crap is King

Buckle your seat belts kittens.  The Wine Dog is raging this morning.

All the BULLSHIT about radiation reaching this country and the fact that we have bought up all the potassium iodide or whatever the hell it is, is pissing me off beyond words.  I don’t have cable so I’m missing some of it, but I do see the news in the morning at the gym.  For the record, my personal sources for news are the freshly defunded NPR, Reuters and the Daily Show.  Depending on the story is the order.  Politics I start with the Daily show and work backwards.  NPR and Reuters I start with them and work forwards.  The jackasses in our Congress and on the internet and on Fox who have been touting the defunding of NPR can’t possibly listen to it.  Trust me, they piss off my bleeding liberal heart pretty regularly.  They should if they are reporting the news.  They wouldn’t if they were advancing propaganda.  Hopefully that travesty will be halted in the Senate or vetoed completely.

Yesterday NPR reported that it was now impossible to buy potassium iodide in the United States.  We’ve bought it all up.  Now if things do get out of hand in Japan, we can’t ship any over there to help the Japanese.  What a bunch of assholes.  Dollars to donuts the asshats that are doing this eat at McDonalds and smoke cigarettes.  I don’t have the exact numbers but I bet they are a billion times more likely to succumb to health conditions caused by fast food and cigarettes than they are to some sort of radiation from Fukushima.  It’s just goddamned embarrassing.

Jonathan Links, director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University, says not only do the pills offer limited protection, but the nuclear plant hasn’t released enough radiation to cause health problems in most of Japan, let alone in the U.S. He says the people he’s worried about are the workers still trying to gain control of the overheating nuclear reactors at Dai-ichi.

Idiots.  Not one of those selfish oafs would stay back like those Japanese workers have done and fight those reactors like they have.  Human waste.

Now I’m not a big fan of nuclear power, nuclear submarines, nuclear anything.  I think we should be using either the sun or wind.  And building cars with a minimum of 50mpg.  We should subsidize the purchase of these vehicles with a tax credit to purchasers that is substantial enough to push people towards that technology and push manufacturers towards that technology.  That’s not to say that I don’t love muscle, I do, it’s just not where this country, the number one oil consuming nation in the world, should be heading. I think my argument is well supported in Japan right now.

Back to the bubbleheaded blonde who comes on at 6.  Each of the “news” outlets has their own graphic that they play before their “report” to get the public to watch.  They want people to watch not so they can tell them the news or have the best show.  They want people to watch so they can sell more toothpaste and deodorant.   “Disaster in the Pacific” complete with blood splatches and a reactor in the graphics will keep us scared and on the edge of our seat.  This morning Fox is blaring that the Radioactive Fallout Reportedly Reaches California.  Down below the headlines it says

A diplomat with access to U.N tracking of Japan’s radioactive fallout says it has reached Southern California but first readings are “about a billion times beneath levels that would be health threatening.”

I’m sure their demographic will read the fine print.  The Huffington Post screams that “JAPAN RAISES NUCLEAR ALERT LEVEL”.  Next to that is an advertisement to lease the new Jeep.  CBS is calling it “Disater in Japan”, complete with seismic graphics, next to an ad for Newegg.com.
It’s a sad state of affairs in this country.  I hope we’re near the bottom of this swing of the pendulum.  I heard a guy on NPR about a month ago.  Some teabagger had said that “this country was near the brink” and went on about how we’ve never been here before and how dire it was.  The guy who responded to the quote said  essentially “We have never been where we are before.  That’s an operation of time and space.  It’s always different, but we always figure a way out, we’re Americans.  That’s what we do, it’s the fabric of this country.”  And that gives me a glimmer of hope.


  • dolphyngyrl

    My favorite part about NPR is getting to the end of a news story and realizing I have NO IDEA what they think I should think about that. It’s always fair and even reporting.

    Which is why SweetPea & I both donate monthly to our local station. Well. You know. That and the “free” water bottle.

  • OldTitleGuy

    Hah. Well, you can poo-poo it all you want, but I’M gonna be prepared.

    I spent a significant part of yesterday scouring the Los Angeles area for a couple of lead-lined rad suits for me and my wife. Didn’t actually find any,so we broke into a number of dentist’s offices and bagged all of their lead aprons. Gonna build a radiation proof yurt out of them in the back yard.

    Since the Potassium Iodide pills seem to be out of stock, we have taken to gulping mercurochrome, which I think is the same sort of thing. Makes your tongue look funny, though.

    See, down here in SoCal we don’t have any city ordinances to protect ourselves from this sort of peril. We are on our own. So we are stocking up on emergency supplies like Fitness Water, Yoga Rugs, Instant Latte Mix, a case of ’61 Romanee Conte and other survival necessities.

    Don’t come snivelling to me when you are down to drinking Zinfandel Blush to survive.

  • titleslug

    Until reading your rant, I didn’t realize that the GOP is treating NPR like it does abortion. The House bill mandated local stations couldn’t use the federal to pay for NPR programming. For years, GOP presidents mandated the same thing regarding federal funding and abortion.
    Like abortion, this is a radical expansion of government. It wants to climb into the check book of public radio stations. With abortion, government expanded into fertile wombs and barren check books to control the reproductive lives of poor women.
    Consider; public radio stations aren’t for sale. Ever. Murdoch, Clear Channel, Time Warner, LiveNation can’t buy these stations (like they’ve already bought most other stations). This is about control of the airwaves. This is about control of information.
    Think about the middle east’s uprisings these past couple of years. Control information outlets is the first objective of a despotic state. They shut off the internet and they shut off facebook and twitter. Are the actions of despotic states that much different than the actions of Boehner’s House?

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