One last caress

Victim in Vegas wrote in a couple of New Year’s Resolutions for Patty Hauptman and I’m going to build on those. Feel free to add your own.

  1. public apology to all employees, past & way past.
  2. pay checks sent immediately to those who have been shorted..
  3. Learn about ethical business practices and apply them
  4. Stop trying to get away with something and start trying to conduct business in an honorable way.

I was hoping for five, but that should be enough to keep her busy for 2008. I mean really, how do you learn ethics at her age anyway? That’s going to be a tough one. And here’s a couple of mine for John Harritt.

  1. Admit that you are not business material, you are not CEO material. You are a salesman. Period.
  2. Return some phone calls and start behaving in an honorable manor
  3. Get out of the title business, you’re part of the problem (actually that could be Patty Hauptman’s #5 too)

That’s all I have for John Harritt. You can’t make a New Year’s Resolution to be less of a dumb ass….can you?

Wine Dogs Goals (since we don’t do resolutions)

  1. Get the 50 pounds off
  2. Set records in the new weight class (I’ve already checked, it’s so doable)
  3. Finish the four classes I’m enrolled in
  4. Pass the appropriate tests
  5. Keep Pinkbunnyears rolling and interesting, key topics to include
    1. Title business and my crusade to stop the corporate wankers
    2. Body for Life
    3. Powerlifting
    4. My dogs (yeah, I said DOGS. See below)
  6. Train the newbie (see 5.4 above or picture below)
  7. Build an organic garden
  8. Landscape back yard
  9. Start three planned businesses and write business plan for fourth
  10. Use less emotion and more brain unless the situation calls for more emotion and less brain. 😉

Click, click, click, I’m a link!

This is Rita. She’s one of the redheads I helped transport to rescue a couple of weeks ago. I should have just kept her then. When I got the flyer last week this picture just about did me in. She was insane in the membrane when Linda was transporting her to me in a crate. When I got her, I hooked her up with a harness and tethered the harness to the passenger seat belt. She rode the whole way with her head either on my shoulder or the crown of her head pressed into my chest. How do you not keep a dog like that? She’s very dark for a red Doberman Pinscher. She was found in Santa Maria as a stray. No one claimed her. The chip she had went back to Mexico, and dead ended, so I named her after the hottest Mexican redhead I could think of at the time, Rita Hayworth.


A little voice kept wanting to call her Esta Noche to her while we drove. When I told the Brother, he asked incredulously “Why would you name a dog after a drag bar in the Mission?” I can’t answer that. She may be called Rita Hayworth’s Esta Noche, call name Rita. I pick her up on Saturday. I scored a brand new Vari Kennel for her off a mailing list for about a quarter of what it would have cost me in the stores. I’ve got a few more tweaks to her room and we’ll be ready for her. She starts dog school next Monday.

7 Replies to “One last caress”

  1. Why not name a dog after a drag bar in the Mission? What’s wrong with that?

    Of course, I have a cat named Me and a cat named You, so maybe my judgement’s not the most reliable.

    She looks a little skinny, though. Or is that just me?

    By the way, how do you pick a good dog school?

  2. Ha ha! Me’s full, “official” name is Mein Linker Fuss and you can almost see enough of his back legs here to understand why.

    The only other critter we have that we were in charge of naming (because SweetPea still has not successfully changed Tatiana’s name) is Lieu. We’re technically on Lieu, Too, but we’re so not telling our daughter that.

    And I think interesting pet names are so much better than your “fluffies” and “gigi’s”. Pets have character, why shouldn’t their names?

  3. Welcome Rita! And I still don’t like Esta Noche. It means “this night.” All the Mexicans would wonder why you’re yelling “this” in the dog park. Or “night”. Calling her Rita Hayworth continues with the Xica da Silva metaphor. Unless you want to name her after Lupe Vega….

  4. I’m supposed to go get her tomorrow, but with this storm it’s iffy. Dana’s power is out and she’s not answering the number I have. The rain isn’t the issue the 70mph winds are.

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