Get curious, and that’s marvelous

Beyond trying to run a business and saving dogs and riding my bike to LA, and working out, I have some other projects going on.  This next one will change some as time goes on.  In the next month I will add a blog function to it, although it will have several authors and probably not much content actually written by me.  It’s pretty self explanatory.  Grab a cuppa, sit down and check out My Pledge to Dogs.  Then take the pledge.  And live the pledge.  And when some clown in your office says “We’ve got this chihuahua who is the greatest dog on the planet and we’re going to breed her to a weenie dog…”  You send them to the My Pledge for Dogs and tell them that is what responsible breeder behavior is and are they ready for that?  When your friend is looking on craigslist for a boxer because the ABC breeders want to much for a puppy, send them to My Pledge for Dogs. 

No longer do we have to stand there and explain to morons why they are morons.  Tell them when they are able to honestly take the pledge, they can own a dog.

I’m real proud of this project.  It’s about changing the way America thinks.  Take the pledge and forward it to all the dog lovers you know.  It’s time.  Take the pledge.

In honor of George.

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