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This is kind of old news, but it’s Inman, so here’s your linky-loo. So over here at PBE Rumor Control Center, we get a lot of wild leads. Some good, some not so good, but I always sit on stuff until I’m certain that it won’t cause problems for anyone who’s name isn’t Patty Hauptman or John Harritt. I’ve been hearing that certain large lenders have forbidden their transactions to go through Financial Title Company, a Mercury Company. (Mercury’s website is down again. Maybe they’re trying the break the incoming links from PBE) I can’t seem to substantiate this rumor, nor can I disprove it. I would love to get, oh, I don’t know, the email from the lender would be scorching hot. Anyway, any good information on this one would be great. I’ve been hearing it for two weeks now, ping the Wine Dog and we’ll get’er out there. (Or maybe Ivy would like to ring in on this one)

Ringing in 2008

The thing about this year is it’s the year that I turn 50. It kind of implies that I should be an adult, or at least a grown up, or at least asked to the grown up table at Thanksgiving dinner. I look in the mirror and I’m certainly gray, but that seems to be extremely premature. Like 30 years premature, because I’m really just a 19 year old kid back from a trek around Europe.


I remember the t-shirt. It’s from a hamburger stand on Balboa Island. I left it at a hostel in Amsterdam when I was too sick to notice I didn’t have all my crap. I don’t know where that bottle of rum came from. I have never drank rum as a rule in my life. An occasional Pina Colada back in the day, and then there was a certain night where we worked our way through the Bacardi cookbook that came with the bottle, but that’s what you do in college… Right? Anyway, as we embark on 2008, I will have to sort through the debris that is my life and try to find some sort of meaning, or not. Because it’s half a goddamn century fergodsakes.

Original Sin

The original purpose of this blog was to chronicle my Body for Life adventures and some other crap and whatever I felt like. Well, as of late, I feel like holding some people accountable for their ineptitude. Are ya feeling me Patty? Johnny? Anyway, my March to March is in it’s third week and going well. I will kick it up a notch tomorrow, which is always a capital idea after drinking all night. Perhaps I should revisit this in the morning. I encourage my gentle readers to post their goals or resolutions. I don’t do resolutions personally, I do goals. I’m going to take submissions for Patty Hauptman’s New Years Resolutions and John Harritt’s New Years Resolutions, and then add a few gems of my own. And check out the “Are you going to eat that?” page. It’s finally got some contact info for the Wine Dog. Very disguised, because the Wine Dog HATES spammers. The most egregious spam will be posted here and ridiculed appropriately.


  • professorshays

    I’m sure that any prudent lender, when dealing with any of the Mercury Companies is going to insist on a “closing protection letter” issued by FATCO or another major title insurance company. “Closing protection letters” are described at:

    Happy New Year!!!!


  • dolphyngyrl

    1. I love the picture
    2. What’s wrong with rum?
    3. If I’m supposed to be a “grown up” by the time I’m 50, I am so screwed.

    1. Eat Less. Move More.
    2. First draft by June.
    3. Per SweetPea ~ no fast food for the first six months of the year.

    I hope you had a happy and safe New Year’s celebration!

    PS: beer.

  • Wine Dog

    Professor, I work for Bloodless Title Insurance Company and our policies are definitely fine and we can close the business. It’s the part where Patty slams shut the doors and it takes a week to move the file over to what ever ancillary virtual escrow entity she is going to use to close the business. And that however many days worth of interest. I heard it took 5 days to move the files in Southern California. Who wants to go through that in the first place? If I were a client, I’d just open it with Bloodless Title, or the Evil Empire and skip Mercury Companies all together.

    P.S. Beer good.

  • Wine Dog

    Financial Title still acts as if they are flush. Might be better guidance from the CEO office or could just be ignorance. I have no actual knowledge one way or another.

    I found the report on IndyMac to be of great interest. If they fail do I have to pay off my house note?

  • professorshays

    Yep Wine Dog, gotta keep paying. Hey I’m finding the 50s to be wonderful. It is the age of acceptance. People either accept you for who you are or they can just stick it. I’m in my “terminal” career, about to purchase my second to last car (expected to last until I get close to retiring and buy my last car).

    Take care,


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