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Cocaine don’t make me lazy, champagne don’t make me crazy


Cocaine don’t make me crazy,
champagne don’t make me lazy.
Ain’t nobody’s business but my own.

Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
You can drink all the liquor down in Costa Rica.
Ain’t nobody’s business but my own.

OK, because we aim to please here at PBE, a little about what to drink on New Year’s Eve…from a plastic tumbler. Hurricanes. There’s only one bar on Bourbon Street that the locals go to. I found it by sticking to my rule of avoiding places that had neon signs that proclaimed “Hurricanes”. I think this was good practice. The one place the locals go has no such sign and the day I found them a guy was sitting in there with his German Shepherd Dog laying at the foot of his bar stool. I thought “Who drives to New Orleans with their dog to go drinking? This must be where the locals hang out.” And it was.

My personal choice for champagne is Moet & Chandon. Unless I’m going to take it up a notch, in which case I would check out the Piper Hiedsieck or the flower bottle. After that you’re pretty much getting into a bunch of French words that I don’t understand. OK, you can’t go wrong with the Grand Dame. Actually, you can go wrong, very wrong, but that’s another story, kind of like Fight Club. And fergodsakes, stay away from the Asti Spumanti…unless you’re 19 years old, and in Italy. As for American sparkling wines, stay away from Cook’s. It’s a headache in a glass. Gloria Ferrer is making some decent offerings. Roederer Estate is also making some nice sparkling wines. I like Schramsberg’s Blanc de Noir, but I think that might just be a character flaw. The J Schram is very good for a higher end California offering. As I rule though, if I can’t afford the good shit, I just drink beer. Dutch beer.



Here we have the Old Man making the traditional Christmas cheeseballs (these are not the nasty ass kind, these are the THEY ROCK version) under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Pierre Beauregard.


Here we have The Brother working diligently on his Beef Wellington, or possibly doing something with cheese, once again under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Beauregard and his attentive assistant Loki.


One of my favorite ball players was Jeffrey Leonard. Here Loki does his best 1 flap down in honor of the Giant’s slugger.

But wait there’s more!

Apparently Patty Hauptman sent out a missive to her minions at Financial Title Company affirming her commitment to the Financial Title brand. Patty, is this commitment in the Liz-Taylor-I’m-trolling-for-my-8th-husband kind of way or the Owen-Wilson-I-need-a-big-time-out sort of way? Don’t all of your FTC folks feel all warm and fuzzy? I would.  Really.  OK, not.  So Patty, what’s the shelf life on this commitment?

But you can’t cut a chicken!

I think we need to write a list of New Years resolutions for Patty Hauptman and John Harritt. Gentle readers, have at it!


  • dolphyngyrl

    Dear Wine Dog,

    Why do I suddenly want to hear the Grand Dame story?

    Also, if you’re going to drink a beer, for the love of god, drink a real beer.

    The Beer Snob

    PS: It makes me a little leary when a champagne is claiming “lead pencil” as one of its flavors. Aren’t we not supposed to be eating those?

  • Wine Dog

    The Wine Dog went to the Heineken factory in Amsterdam way back in 1978. They were very kind to me and I’ve been returning the favor ever since. (They’ve got really cool copper vat things)

  • VictimInVegas

    Resolution #1- public apology to all employees, past & way past.

    Resolution #2- pay checks sent immediately to those who have been shorted..

    That’s wishful thinking aren’t it? Hey, after how they shut us down and kicked our butts out the door- ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN *except perhaps them actually paying the people who helped them build an empire* That’s how you show appreciation to the group of us that took part in the initial opening of National Alliance Title in Las Vegas and did that with +$1,000,000.00 a month in revenue we brought to you from the employer with whom we burned some bridges leaving to flippin’ open some great business… YES, I STRESS THE WORD “GREAT”! Great liars, cheaters, etc., you get the idea!? I’m not going to get enraged about the fact that I am a single mother with young children because there were many of us single mothers in the biz and I am not alone, but like me they’ve all got a lot on their plate in terms of responsibility I assure you. So please someone post the class action lawsuit information (it’s only a matter of time before this is in place). I am going to do my own investigative work here in LV to try to push for our own field day. We in Nevada will be forced to push for maximum punitive damages because even though we may have recieved a letter promising a check for unused vacation hours with our commission (which by the way still has not arrived) in the fabulous right-to-work state that we are here, no notice is required to terminate an employee, and vacation time is not considered wages.

    I called Mercury regarding stupid COBRA letters I keep recieving and left a VM to send a check rather than extended insurance I can’t pay for with money I wasn’t paid. I was called back (amazing) and given a number to call regarding payroll… half expecting it to go to a voicemail system (kinda like ours say if you call our offices saying we will be closed for Thanksgiving) This guy answered, poor guy! On a first name basis, no company to back him up. He said they will not be paying anyone and he was left there to take the heat from employees. He was a really nice guy. He did however state that he was just waiting for a lawsuit, go CALIFORNIA! Hopefully, we can muster up enough dirt to build a case here with our stupid state laws anyway. IF THE SHIP CAN SAIL, IT’S GOING AROUND THE WORLD. I promise you that much Patty Hauptman.

    Like I said before, the one thing they did right was hire the best in the business. Like we’re going to take it up the ass and leave it alone… Ha!

    On another note=> Wine Dog, I quit drinking Chardonnay because it left an uncanny taste of gasoline in my mouth once but I am a huge, huge fan of the reds. Hess Cab in particular but they discontinued that line. Do you suggest a certain cabernet or pinot noir in the $17-$20 range. C’mon, I’m unemployed right?? How about Chianti. You may be a big fan of Sonoma and Napa, but if you ever find Regaliali red wine in a store… try it. It’s fab!

  • Wine Dog

    Hey VictiminVegas, it’s fine to be enraged for yourself and for all the other single Moms with kids. I know there’s a ton of y’all. I was laid off in October 2006, and I have no problem being enraged for everyone who’s lost their jobs in the last two years.

    Thanks for the start on Patty’s New Year’s Resolutions.

    Hess is still making their Cab, they just aren’t sending it to Vegas, I guess. Wine on a shoe string, I was doing that this time last year. Pinots, I’d say check out A-Z, believe it or not Kendall-Jackson is very drinkable, it’s not going to blow your socks off but it’s a functional Pinot. Chalone, Estancia should all be available down your way. You might be able to find Kim Crawford, also very functional for the price. Gasoline is sometimes something you’ll see in tasting notes. I don’t know which one did that, but there are so many and they are so different that you should be able to find a good drinkable one. Of all the Two Buck Chucks, I think the Chardonnay is the only drinkable one, and if I were trying to make ends meet on my gobment check, I’d look at Trader Joe’s. 😉 Also look at the Napa Cellars Chardonnay. It’s around $16-17 and can trick our locals who are seeking Danville Crack. (That’s what we call Rombauer Chardonnay around these parts)

  • theskillz


    I think I know the “poor guy” you are referring to. I worked in that office in the Bay Area. One of us was kept around for an extra week to help clean up and deal with calls Mercury wouldn’t take, despite the fact that we were out of jobs.

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