Like a lizard on a window pane

At some point I might just lose my mind.  Let’s file this under “Seemed like a shitty idea at the time.  In retrospect it’s an epically shitty idea”.

Number four in the list was shot today in Arizona.  Sarah Palin, I lay this flaming turd right on your doorstep.  You are directly responsible for this.  I find it interesting that your staff took this map down right after it happened. How can anyone consider this irresponsible, ignorant idiot for public office?

That’s just awesome. She’s so American. Why she’s just like you and me. And if she says we should get the Congresswoman in our gun sites that’s what we’re going to do.

Looks like some whack job got Gabrielle Giffords in his sites.  What kind of waffle words do you have for us now?  Great!  Let’s have everybody carry guns because obviously that’s working in Arizona.  I’m so goddamned mad about this I can’t barely make sense.  How about Glenn Beck?  When do we find out that this little turd spent hours of his time watching Glenn Beck and tried to join his staff?  Even the Army knew he was crazy cakes.  There is some culpability out there to some jackasses in the media that need to learn to STFU.  Just because you can say it doesn’t mean you should. As far as I’m concerned, Sarah Palin should be charged with conspiracy to murder a federal judge and conspiracy to murder of the Congresswoman. If her political career isn’t a turd floating in a punch bowl this morning, I have to wonder what the licensing requirements are for Realtors in France. We have gone too far.

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  • BowlerGirl

    Yeah, and I just read in the paper today that the Tea Party candidate that was trying to unseat Congresswoman Giffords would invite his supporters to shot loaded M-16’s (I think, I know it wasn’t a “simple” gun) at his fundraisers. Something like “shooting them out of office”. And after the shooting had the gall to say that he sees no correlation.

    If the shooter was crazy, it wouldn’t take much to introduce the suggestion.

    And Arizona was already becoming a hotbed of controversy before this.

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