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Here’s a little something for y’all.
OK, that was a cheap thrill.

Have you seen me?


Here’s something that just boggles the mind. Virtual Escrow. Define virtual. Do they virtually do your payoffs? Or do they really do them? Do the virtually pay their staff? Or do they do them like you did in California and Nevada. So you get your virtual check out of your virtual escrow and the Hauptmans pay virtually no one (gotta love that Hauptman style) and keep all the dough for themselves. No messy employees to have to deal with. Patty, are you freaking kidding me? How dare you start up another business under the supposedly bankrupt name of Alliance Title Company when you have outstanding vacation pay and outstanding commission checks and outstanding contracts that you have breached. Would that be your own special version of virtual reality? Isn’t that a little too Sleepers? Now I’m a little scared of that bathtub.


  • iwfky

    All I can say is “wow”. I am sorely disappointed in how things ended. To all of my pals…you were the best and always will be. To Jerry and Patty Hauptman…NOT GOOD! The karma police are on the hunt!

    Signed IWFKY

  • professorshays

    What I cannot understand is how little attention this apparent “house of cards” has gotten since the demise of Alliance. You would think that there are a number of burned bridges out there created by the dynamic Hauptman clan that the Internet would be full of discussions like this.


  • Wine Dog

    Me either Professor. Eight hundred people lost their jobs on the 13th of December. Twelve days before Christmas. Nearly two thousand in the 18 months before that. The degrees of wrong are immeasurable. Every time I get a comment like yours I hear a little voice in my head (who sounds a lot like Jesse Jackson) saying “Keep hope alive!”

    I’ve been in this business since 1976 and I see what’s happening to the title personnel. I’m mad as Hell and not going to take it any more. UNIONIZE! UNIONIZE! UNIONIZE! 😉

  • professorshays

    Wine Dog, there has been the talk of “unionize” probably long before I went into the business (1972). You know I was anti-union until I started teaching and became a member. Today I’m actually a member of our local union’s Board (yes the District is unhappy with my participation).

    Bottom line is I suspect the title industry will never be unionized, and because of the nature of the work associated with creating preliminary reports, the title plants as we know them (yes I actually posted by hand to lot books) are being replaced by computer data centers, and all of that work is being outsourced.

    No, I’d stick to the escrow side of the house. Despite what Patty thinks, escrow is relationship building at its best and won’t be replaced with a virtual system.

    Wine Dog, I plan to have a little fun with Mercury Companies, making sure they don’t stay too hidden. It will be interesting to see how things go.

    Take care,


  • dolphyngyrl

    Dear Wine Dog,

    I don’t mean to tear you away from all of this fabulous Title ranting, but I was thinking…

    What with the next drinking holiday fast approaching, perhaps you could give some ideas about what types of wine to enjoy on Monday.

    I don’t know if your tastes stray into the “sparkling” varieties, but I can’t ever remember which one I like the best. I think it was kind of sweet-tasting, and it gave me the giggles but good.

    Please remember, though, that, at least in my case, whatever we (and by “we” I mean Neighbor & I) indulge in will most likely be served in bright plastic tumblers.

    Liquor is Quicker

  • professorshays

    Perhaps this email will peak the interests of one of Denver’s most active business reporters.

    From: Daniel Shays
    Date: Dec 28, 2007 9:02 PM
    Subject: Mercury Companies
    To: alewis@denverpost.com

    Al, one thing that I’ve loved about your columns is that you are willing to tackle just about anything newsworthy. This one may be challenging but nevertheless worthwhile. I love the fact that with the Internet, you can run but not hide. Denver based Mercury Companies has hit my radar screen for a variety of reasons. If you go to their website today ( http://www.mercurycompanies.com), you will note that it is down for maintenance. My sense is this entire entity is down for maintenance. If you go to the wayback machine ( http://www.archive.org/web/web.php) you will learn a great deal about Mercury by looking at an archive of its website. A shortcut would be to look at my posting on on a blog (go to http://implode-explode.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2377 ).


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