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Santiago… died because he had no code, and no honor. And God was watching.

Here’s the promised rant.

Where would be be if every mortgage broker, every lender, every real estate agent, every escrow officer, every notary acted as if God was watching?  What if John Harritt and Jerry and Patty Hauptman behaved as if God was watching?  What if Bill Foley acted as if God was watching?  What if all business and all employees behaved, as if God was watching?  There would have been no mortgage meltdown.  Hell, if people in business acted as if God was watching there would have been no bomb,  because honorable people do not behave like that.   We have to answer to a higher power.  What are we with no honor?  We deserve a karmatic code red.  There’s a lot of crap going on out there right now.  Less than honorable at best.  At the end of the day, you’re all you’ve got.  Did you treat your colleagues honorably today?  Did you behave honorably today?  Did you do the right thing?  I know of someone right now, who has done the right thing.  He’s taken one for the team, to his own personal detriment.  The team owes him a great debt of gratitude that I’m sure he will never call in.  And that’s when business is right.  When you’re a manager, it’s your duty to do the right thing, for your staff.  This guy did and we tip our hat to him.  So few managers will follow through any more, they won’t fight for their people, they won’t get their backs.  They’re all trying to get theirs at everyone else’s expense.  I used to know a “manager” who would take the lion’s share of the bonus allocation and keep it and then spread the remaining scraps out to the staff.   That’s not a manager.  That is a classic example of lack of code and honor.  We are our lowest common denominator.  And sometimes, that’s really low.

Do you hide behind layers and layers of corporate entities and then go lunch at the Biltmore or Kevin Taylor?  Or do you take out the checkbook or a note or a line of credit and pay them their due?   How do you continue to do business up until the total implosion?  Where is your honor?  How do you sleep at night?  What will you tell your maker when this dance is over with?

Ok, deep breath, let’s take a swipe and my other favorite target.  How do you let this happen?

Fidelity National Information Services: Personal information on over 8.5 million individuals was compromised when a senior database administrator working at Certegy Check Services Inc., a subsidiary of Fidelity National, illegally downloaded the data and sold it to brokers. Fidelity National, which is separate from the better known Fidelity Investments, initially said that only 2.5 million records had been compromised when it first disclosed the breach in July. A few weeks later, it quietly upped the number to 8.5 million in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. According to the company, the stolen data appears to have been resold primarily for direct marketing purposes and not for ID theft or other sorts of fraud.

Nice job, ass clowns.

I am pleased to report that Placer Title picked up some ATC folks out in San Joaquin County, and some more were picked up by Stewart Title in Modesto.   Best of luck to everyone that’s dusting themselves off and getting back in the game.


  • professorshays

    For my former colleagues from Alliance, I’ve provided a little information that may bring some focus on the Mercury Companies and their challenges. See the posting at:

    On my way back from Christmas in South Lake Tahoe yesterday, I decided to take a little side trip and drive by Financial Title’s Folsom headquarters. There were a few cars in the parking lot of what is really a single tenant building (almost the entire first floor is occupied by FT, with the second floor empty (and one of the second floor windows covered with plywood). Walked into the building. You could hear a pin drop. No action or activity at all. Left without seeing a sole.

    Take care all. It is good to hear some of you found work with other title companies. Me, well I’m out of the business once and for all.


  • Skip-itty-doodah

    Being one of the several to get the 24 hour notice of the Alliance demise..I truly thought that we’d have made it to January….
    I did however have several occasions to “view” the “numbers” and was really surprised that Alliance (and mercury) waited six months or more before they started to “adjust” to the falling market??? very strange..or diligent. The inmates (or primates would be more accurate) were running the show and kept promising outlandish results in this critical market? A sure sign of managerial weakness. Any one can manage in a strong market with an open checkbook…but the true sign of any leader is what they do in an emergency or catastrophe in the case of Alliance. The Alliance “leaders” had no idea how to deal or cope since most of them really didn’t grow up in the industry..they were pretty and had a good rap and again money is the real talker in this case…so how hard was it to take people to dinner and offer them 50% over their current high salary…seems no brainer to me and that is exactly what they here you have no brainer management and no brainer employees (please take no exception my true professional friends “monkey with a camera a little Irony” for my favorite E.O.)
    Anyways they built a house of cards with Jerry’s money and he had litle idea since no one told him the truth at the upper level..all smoke, mirrors and sinshine (yes that is spelled correctly) from Alliance…and the worst part is many of the “gentlemen and ladies” survived and are at FTC?. Ivy watch your back most are more about paranoia and politics than substance..and you true E.O.’s don’t follow these false profits..they need you to survive because they don’t have he skill to close a deal or draw a file or underwrite title (look at the claims coming in on all those levels which let permitted due to greed and not real business sense fools) you don’t yourself and get the best value for you not them…once you separate they will have little value to hold them to a company and they can go back to selling used cars or hitting on old ladies at the Los Gatoes Lodge.

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