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Judging from the comments on the last post, I’d say it’s safe to say that National Alliance Title bit the big one. No vacation, no commission checks paid, although they did receive a spiffy note promising the same. The Wine Dog’s mailbox has been off the hook in the last week. In an effort to keep things as factual as possible, a lot of stuff doesn’t make it up onto the website immediately or at all. Strangely, I think I’m a junior Edward R. Murrow, and I’m checking facts. (I would want to be caught flat footed like Dan Rather…Brady lives dammit)  Some stuff garners a lot of mail. Some things wake up Mr. McGuerney, the Wine Dog’s attorney. So here’s his helpful hint for our Nevada friends:

NAC 608.115 Payment for time worked. (NRS 607.160 , 608.016 , 608.250)

1. An employer shall pay an employee for all time worked by the employee at the direction of the employer, including time worked by the employee that is outside the scheduled hours of work of the employee.

2. If an employer pays an employee by salary, piece rate or any other wage rate except for a wage rate based on an hour of time, the employer shall pay an amount that is at least equal to the minimum wage when the amount paid to an employee in a pay period is divided by the number of hours worked by the employee during the pay period. This subsection does not apply to an employee who is exempt from the minimum wage requirement pursuant to NRS 608.250 .

3. For the purpose of a claim for wages, holidays, vacation days, sick days and any other days that an employee did not actually work are not counted as time worked by the employee.

And for the internet savvy:


Actually, Mr. McGuerney is not the Wine Dog’s attorney, he’s just real good with google key words. And the Wine Dog isn’t really a dog, although occasional slobbering does occur. But I’m feeling a little Hunter S. Thompson with my black label Jim Beam, my virus induced haze and the Grace Slick reference.

There was a bit of talk in the comments about Donna. While I applaud her hard work and integrity, she’s not the only one. There are managers throughout this State who have lost their jobs and are trying to cut deals to get their people back to work. That is how business should work. I wish Donna and those managers all the success in the world placing their staff. A lot of those managers hired people away from good jobs at John Harritt and Patty Hauptman’s beckoning. Guess what? That business model didn’t work. At least those managers have the class to do the work to take care of their staff. I wish them success.

Don’t you wonder why Alliance Title Company ran out of money RIGHT NOW? I wonder if there is a dividend to be paid from Mercury Companies and if Patty’s preserving her next Architectural Digest remodel by shutting down a loser twelve days before Christmas.

For those of you who are new here, I get on this subject from time to time. It’s usually got a slug of either “corporate wankers” or “rant”. There are so few people in business who behave admirably any more. I just finished a great book, Blood Money and Mutiny: The Fight for the Soul of Morgan Stanley. Now one would think that a huge multi-national conglomerate financial behemoth like Morgan Stanley would also be soulless. But you would be wrong. They nearly had a proxy fight three years ago and Phil Purcell was forced out. Eight retired executives, the Gang of Eight and four current superstars (including my hero Mary Meeker) went to the mats and fought to return the company to it’s roots. It’s roots were J.P. Morgan’s motto “First class business in a first class way”. Words to live by. Then they handed it over to John Mack who managed to lose $3.61 per share last quarter, (sub-prime mortgage risk) but you know what? They didn’t fold up the tent and move back to Colorado, or go on vacation in Montecito. John Mack gave back his bonus (around forty million dollars) and the company will move forward. Think Patty Hauptman gave anything back? Me either.

Remember, gentle readers, Alliance Title employees were paid on Mercury accounts. Precedence, my little dears. I’m also hearing that the Mercury accounts are just as flush as ever. Just sayin’.

Unless something really juicy occurs, which I’m not expecting over Christmas, I’ll be offering the incite insight I received from the California Employment Development department when I was unemployed. I learned a lot about transitioning. (careers, not into a drag queen) Apparently, I’m well suited to be a Strategic Missile Commander. Who knew? And there’s openings for 49 year old inexperienced Strategic Missile Commanders coming up all the time.


  • dolphyngyrl

    I just wanted to give a little tip to anyone who can’t read this at work because it’s blocked. If you have access to google and igoogle, you can set up a google reader widget which will not only let you know when the blog’s been updated, but you can read the entry right there in google.

    Just a little tip that was passed on to me by a friend when my home computer was down and I was getting a little twitchy from lack of blog access.

    Fortunately for me, this is one of the few blogs I can access from work.

  • Borderblog

    Put a stick up my rear-end and cellophane wrapper over my head and call me a “sucker”.
    In November we all be good team players and “take one for the company” to keep it afloat with a 10% cut in pay. Now they will pay only 90% of what they owe me and worked for all year. Clever, very clever.
    Good Employee earned $10,000.00 in vacation pay for months Jan. – Nov.
    Good Employee takes a 10% cut in pay for Dec.
    Good Employee gets canned in Dec.
    Company only pays Good Employee $9000.00 instead of $10,000.00
    $1000.00 doesn’t sound like much, but times how many employees? That’s some cash.
    Something to think about.

  • jensen

    If there are any attorneys who would want to take on a class action suit against the Hauptmans, Alliance, surviing companies, etc and any assets remaining to collect back pay, vaction pay and would consider doing this on a contigent basis please post a notice on this site and I am sure many of us will contact you. I would imagine a jury would also seriously consider significant puntive damages and maybe that crook Patty will have to sell one of her many homes and valuable posessions

  • The Brother

    Border Collie Guy,
    When, exactly, did they put through this 10% pay cut?
    By exactly, I mean date. How many days before they shut down?

  • bitterbabe

    Pay cuts happened 10/07/08. Exactly.
    First they tld us we had to take manadatory days off without pay then they started the reductions. They just started scheduling another round of days off without pay when they closed their doors.
    Every direct deposit I received was directly from Mercury Companies but the last (and $1,200 short) check came from the Alliance Title account. hmmmm…seems very convenient if they are filing bankruptcy. CA labor board says employees have a very small chance of getting the money through that claim.

  • Wine Dog

    You’re W-2 will say Mercury Companies too. I don’t know who the Hauptman’s think they’re fooling with this. Stay tuned…we’ve got a little Christmas present for you. Not so much for Patty and Jerry.

  • jensen

    Sure hope you keep this Alliance thing active. As one digs deeper the finds the facts I strongly beleive you will find fraud, deception and other nasty things done by the Hauptmans and J. Harritt

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