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We are Family!

The Mercury Family of Companies

There will be a few less seats at the Mercury family of companies table Christmas dinner this year. While they still boast of 18 operating companies, it’s down two from this time last week. I’m hearing that National Alliance Title in Nevada is kaput. Wonder if those poor schmucks got their vacation and commission pay. I’m going to guess not, but I’d love to hear their story. Speaking of which, do you want to tell your story? Would you want to go on the record with how it all went down for you? In the real press, not just horsing around with me on pinkbunnyears? Ping me, I’ll hook you up. I’ve talked to several folks who don’t want to go on the record, but have lost their vacation and commissions. Feels a lot like Stockholm Syndrome to me. Take off that Army jacket and put down the gat Patty Hearst! Break the chains! Join up! Make Patty Hauptman pay up! Write the Wine Dog for more information.

Speaking of the Mercury family of companies, I spoke to a couple of Ex-ATC folks who are now over at their formerly sister company, now surviving sibling Financial Title Company. The best response I got was from an Escrow Officer. Being the genial sort that I am, I asked “How’zit?” She responded “It’s terrible, I want to kill myself”. Hopefully, she’s kidding and doesn’t want to harm herself. Save your money honey, that one’s next. Ivy’s smarter, but something sinister will certainly trickle down and deal the crushing blow. The Hauptmans want out of California and they’re going to get out. Remember when they told you that the employees were the company’s best asset? Yeah, until it comes time to cut the checks, then your just a liability.

What the Wine Dog is drinking…

Jim Beam Black label, Kentucky sour mash. No ice. (I should have installed the ice maker) The Wine Dog picked up another head cold. Second one since November. Mass transportation sucks. I knew I was doomed when I realized the lady across the aisle was a disgusting snotty mess. I thought, I can’t bathe in enough bleach and antitoxins to cleanse myself of an hour of this exposure. And I couldn’t. Chad, the building security guy told me he was coming down with something the other day, but he killed it with his special Secret Squirrel concoction, which I will now share with you. (He did kill it, he’s not sick). Apparently, you mix castor oil, two shots of Southern Comfort and orange juice in a mini blender and then chug it down. Chad says you don’t want to taste it, I get that. I truly believe that it does work, because I’m certain that it induces violent uncontrollable projectile vomiting. No self respecting virus could live through that, especially when you’re dry heaving up your toenails. I use a more traditional mixture. Bourbon, honey, lemon, hot water. If nothing else, it affords the patient a good restful night’s sleep.

Needless to say, the head cold stalled my progress temporarily on my 24 week march. I’ve switched out my workouts from Russian power lifting routines to old school body building. My body kept breaking down and that’s usually due to too much of the same thing, so time to switch it up. The bicipital tendon seems to be what I blew up in Yuba City. With rest, it’s coming around. Unfortunately with the head cold and the rain, Beauregard is missing his morning runs jogs. Nothing like a having a cranky 80 pound Doberman up your ass when you don’t feel good.

Speaking of which, for all you ex-ATC folk, the best thing I did for myself when I was off was to go to the gym every morning as if I were still going to work. It creates balance, routine, structure and keeps your head on straight. I also cycled every other afternoon. Long walks work just as well if you don’t belong to a gym, the point is to do something good for yourself every day. And I figured if I ever caught myself watching The View that it was time to get a job at Starbucks. To my credit, I never watched The View the whole time I was off. I did catch Maury’s Meth Mom Makeovers one day, but that’s more like watching the WWF, and that’s okay.


  • VictimInVegas

    Here’s to all my fellow National Alliance Title employees… I’ve read the previous blogs and I confirm that it all went down in California before we got hit, but it was almost simultaneous. Our MGMT team went around to offices on Wednesday morning to “squash rumors about the company closing” because of the ATC news. An entire two hours later we got calls informing us that First American Title was “taking over and they were not interested in keeping any of the current employees” and we were done. No production was being processed in our title plant in Colorado so we were well aware that something was happening and it was BAD. No one knew for sure what. The following day (Thursday) we were told that we were to close our doors at 5pm, close our files and send anything funding and closing to our main office where a few people would stay back and finish our business for us. These people are still there, one week later and WORKING FOR FREE. We got word on Friday that First American pulled out and changed their minds about purchasing National Alliance. I had to laugh. It’s a bunch of BS if you ask me. We were working until 5pm, our final checks cut and snet to our homes. I went in to view my final check (we know how to bypass the access denied page) and they had cut a check, voided it, cut another with vacation pay included, voided that as well. Cut the final check which was the same as the first. Just hours worked. In the FedEx envelope there was a letter stating that our checks were for hours worked and that unused vacation pay and commissions will be calculated and forwarded within 72 hrs.. It has been 168 hrs. and no sign of that pending pay. Our expenses that we had submitted for two months were never reimbursed. The last reimbursement I recieved was for the month of September. John Harrit was always very positive with us when he came to Las Vegas, Ivy and Donna too. They were extremely positive when they came to town to shut down Financial Title and merge them with us. It was to give us a better standing in the industry and enable us to withstand the current market. Or so they said!!! Sad as it is, I spent my check for Christmas and other needs at the time expecting to get the vacation and commission check soon. Now the reality is that no check will be coming and rent due in less than 2 weeks. I’m sick to my stomach!!!

  • Borderblog

    You cannot give up “VictimInVegas”! We WILL get paid! File a claim, blog it, the press/media, and direct pressure is what it will take. My bills are due also.

  • jensen

    Unbeleivable what happned to Alliance. There is a management victim no one talks about. Donna H. She is working 18-20 hours a day to try qnd protect the consumer and position the “mess” that Harritt and Hauptmans made so maybe there is something left for those many hard working employees with no regard for her welfare and I know she has a young son she is raising. The Hauptmans will get their due but in the meantime respect the efforts of this wonderful wowman

  • Borderblog

    I’m in full agreement with you.
    Donna H. is one good egg. She always shot straight with me and saved me when I wanted to make a huge mistake. Thank goodness I didn’t do it or I’d be in Colorado with no job!

  • martini gal

    Ivy is an absolute idiot. She & John are both idiots. I don’t know Donna. But the point is let’s make them dread the day they came to southern ca with the idea to make this the “superior company with the superior people”. Don’t give up. It time they sold that jet & all their vacation homes.

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