I’ve seen your flag on the marble arch

Ah, it’s Black Friday.  They call it that for a completely different reason than I call it that.  Back in the day, I used to get out kind of early (like 7ish) and go check out the windows at Macy’s Union Square.  Back then they were amazing and interesting and fabulous.  And of course Gumps had the SPCA display with all of the kitties and puppies playing.  And I’d do no shopping and be home by about 10am, because I’m not a big fan of big shopping crushes.  The older I get the more I look at that sort of behavior and think “Why?”

You’re not starving in Botswana and the UN truck just showed up.  You’re trying to buy the latest Flip fergodsakes.  (Now with image stabilization)  Are you people serious?  Three people were killed on Black Friday in 2008 from crushes of mobs so they could buy manufactured crap that is probably in landfill today.  Bah humbug. Actually, I probably ordered the clean out on their houses last year and had my service provider take it to the landfill for them.

Growing up my Mother in particular was not very focused on the consumerist side of Christmas.  She was much more focused on why the season existed in the first place.  (Although not like these Reason for the Season asshats)  That’s pretty much stuck with me.  There’s been several versions of flash mob choirs singing Hallelujah floating around the last couple of days.  That reminds me of the Centerville Presbyterian Church Choir singing the Messiah.  I know they didn’t do the whole thing, but I don’t remember how much they did.  Doesn’t the whole thing take like nine hours?

Anyway, we never clambered amongst the unwashed masses to buy a Tickle me Elmo or any other piece of crap.  As a matter of fact, I have no recollection of even wanting the latest whatever when I was a kid.  And in reality, I fought a home computer until 1995 and a cell phone for longer than most, even though in reality, I use both more and more efficiently than most people.  When I was down in Anaheim earlier this month everyone was commenting on how cool my phone was (I do have the Droid X now) and how well I buzzed through it.  At my age, I’m pretty proud of that.  My accountability partner just bought one and told me she hopes to be as good as I am with hers.  Did I ever mention dumping the iPhone and going to the Droid X?  Six drops on the same call on the iPhone.  I drove directly to Verizon and asked them to show me a phone that didn’t drop calls.  It was the day the Droid X came out and they had one left.  That’s as close as I have ever gotten to getting the latest and greatest of anything.  Happenstance.   But I digress.

The point is, it’s consumer goods.  Shopping went from a means to acquire necessities to a past time in this country.  We have no one to blame but slick marketers and our own stupidity.  And judging from how much of this crap I’ve had thrown out of foreclosed houses in the last two years, nobody really needed or wanted it.  If you really are a Christian, I don’t know how you reconcile this overkill with the Bible.  (Yep, here we go)

I’ve been watching all these churches shoving their man made values irrespective of the original teachings of the Bible, down everyone else’s throat and then watch the very same people profit from the rampant consumerism.  And that just makes me think of Jesus toppling over the moneychangers tables.  And I watch the hate going on out there and I think of Jesus washing Mary Magdalene’s feet and hair.  And I think that in over 2000 years, people are just as ignorant as they were back then.  They are all certain that Christ is going to return and gather them up to heaven and I’m just thinking, notsomuch.

So today, I will not be out shopping.  That’s not to say I don’t, I do.  But my shopping isn’t frenzied or it won’t happen.  I put up a tree from time to time and I put up lights on occasion.  Today I am going up to Placerville to a Christmas tree farm.  I expect/hope to be pretty lonesome up there today.  Rita is getting the nod today.  On the way back I will stop in Davis for the Family Massacre.  Long time readers know we never do it on Thanksgiving Day.  And I will sneak home under the radar.  Hallelujah.


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