Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

We took the half a ton of garbage, put it in the back of a red VW microbus, took shovels and rakes and implements of destruction

Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

Today is going to be a cornucopia of stuff.

First up, Little Sister.  I’ve found her a forever home and she’ll be going there some time next week.  In the meantime, my dogs continue to take turns trying to remove her head.  This is fine because she doesn’t use it for much.

She was spayed on Tuesday.  It was nice to see the piss and vinegar knocked out of her for a couple of days.  It’s back.  She would be great if I didn’t have three other dogs to worry about.  Ike being the toughest.  Because of his condition he can’t be trained on a leash.  He’s hard headed and sometimes can just work my last nerve.  Especially when I’m trying to snack on something and he’s trying to get at it.  So as cute as she is, and she is cute, Little Sister was the straw that was breaking this camels back.  She’s going to a great home where she hopes to never have to wear the Cone of Silence again.

As I’ve mentioned, I got rid of cable at the beginning of the year.  In reality it’s been a boon.  I miss such things at the ADD the media has had over this TSA thing.  Seriously.  Back on September 12th 2001 y’all were wringing your hands and saying that something had to be done to stop these attacks.  Little ol’ bleeding heart Wine Dog said “If you do, you’re going to give up certain freedoms, are you prepared to do that?”  Nobody was listening.  The real big government President, you know, the guy that took the largest budget surplus in history and turned it into a monumental cascading deficit, then created the TSA in the first goddamned place sacked our civil rights with impunity.  Did we forget that he authorized questionable wiretaps and unscrupulous and illegal interrogation proceedings while we all sat on our hands because “we were under attack”, nevermind that one of the tenets of his party was to instill fear in the constituency so that they could further their corporate agenda.  You know the guy who held “enemy combatants” in prison without the benefit of any rights whatsoever, you know like whether or not they were even guilty?   Oh yeah, in direct violation of the Geneva Convention.  Civil rights be damned.  Where were the teabaggers back then?  Freedoms were being denied unilaterally by the Bush Administration but these johnnycomelately revolutionaries sat by silently.  Here we are nearly ten years later and the ADD media has forgotten that the scanning machines were ordered by the Bush Administration and back on September 12, 2001 we would have consented to full body cavity searches to make it stop.  Because we were under attack.  Now a bunch of teabaggers in kilts (am I the only one who sees the irony in that?) have mounted a half assed and really ridiculous protest against a machine that it’s inventor even concedes gives an “unflattering image” at best.

While everyone is all focused on the teabaggers in kilts, the Bush tax cuts are rattling around the White House.  Obama is actually considering extending them.  I heard an argument on NPR to extend them only to the top 1% and that would exclude the small businesses that seems to be the source of the big bug-a-boo.  As long as Roger Ailes gets it up the ass, I don’t care how they accomplish it.  Because if that slimy jackass would ever actually listen to NPR he would find news over there.  You know, like journalists objectively reporting the facts.  Not the faux crap, let’s call it what it is Right Wing Propaganda he calls news.

I really find what Fox is doing to be the biggest threat to our democracy that we’ve ever seen.

Another thing I see very little of is celebrity news.  That’s just the biggest threat to the downfall of civilization out there.  Who really cares?  Yet, I found this little story to be interesting.  Drew Carey who has built his career out of being the beer drinking pizza chowing fat guy went out and lost like half of a Drew Carey.  He did it with hard work.  I always liked The Drew Carey Show, and here’s a little factoid, his girlfriend in the show, you know the hot one that gained all the weight?  None other than Kate Walsh, of Grey’s Anatomy and whatever that other thing they’re doing now is called.

But that’s not the point, the point is I was reading a story where he was talking about his weight loss and he had a really great comment.  “Crappy food is not  a reward -it’s punishment”.  That one’s been sticking with me for a while.  Not that I eat crappy food because for the most part I don’t.  Except those red velvet cupcakes at that little bakery up the street.  Or the ones at The Republic of Cake.  Those guys make the best carrot cake cupcake on the planet.  Period.  The Meyer Lemon meringue ain’t too shabby either.  But I haven’t seen the inside of a fast food place in years.  My fat ass really needs to stay out of that place, but those guys just do an amazing job.  So I keep it to one.  Usually.

Speaking of my fat ass, I don’t think I’ve mentioned this here but it’s certainly time.  I’m riding the SF AIDS Lifecycle to Los Angeles this June.  It’s 545 miles over seven days.  I think it will be good for me.  One of my goals is to sell enough real estate before I go so that I can be riding a brand new one of these.

Yeah, that’s the S-Works Roubaix.  Specialized is based here in Moraga and while I’m sure there are other bikes that would be just fine, I’m going to buy local.  Oh yeah and my previous two bikes were Specialized so there’s a little brand loyalty for you.  I’ve got a lot of houses to sell before I can get one of those, but hey, goals are just dreams with a date attached.  If not, I’ll be on my Roubaix Elite Comp which will totally need an overhaul before I leave.  Anywho, here’s the link to support my ride.  Just like the LiveStrong, any little bit helps.  Thanks.

And because it’s Thanksgiving

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