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A girl in trouble is a temporary thing

Miss me?  Yeah, I missed me too.  I’m still missing me.  When everything is all said in done I will have something to say about the largest banking institution in this country.  I promise it will be one of my more blistering commentaries.  And Old Repulsive should duck and cover because they’ve got some culpability in this one too.  For now, I just want my poor client into her new home.  This has been dragging on for 73 days so far.  Last night she lost her mind and became that pissed off drunk.  I jokingly asked her if her boyfriend would be better off staying out here with me and she replied “No, he’s trying to keep me from burning down Berkeley tonight.”  Yeah, it’s time to quit fiddle farting around and close the deal.  She also told me she was going to micromanage the transaction from here on out.  Welcome to my hell.

But a girl in trouble is a temporary thing.  Last December I got a twitter follow from @beathirstygirl.  I had to read it about five times to figure out it said Be A Thirsty Girl.  I thought the website was cool and who doesn’t love their tag line “Life.  Drink it up!”  I’ve been watching them since then and really was pretty jealous I couldn’t go out and play.  They were all over the country but never here.   Actually the founder, Leslie Sbrocco is a regular on the Today Show.  Kind of like a female Gary V only not obnoxious.  (In reality Gary is a good guy, Hi Gary!)  They’ve been on a 30 city tour and now they’re coming to Treasure Island this Thursday night.  Their sponsors, Glorier Ferrer, Matua, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Cambria, LaCrema, Ravenswood and Clos du Bois will be paired with local cheeses, chocolates other other tasty treats.  You can come out and hang with the Wine Dog too.  And various in sundry winos.  I’m a little fired up, I think it’s going to be a fun event.  One of those things that in restrospect you wish you showed up for.  I don’t usually announce where I’m going to be before I get there, (I want the Police to have to do their homework) but in this case, they asked me to.  They invited me and they asked me to tell y’all I was going to be there.  It’s not my nature to follow direction but I do take requests and this one seemed to be a win win.  Here’s the link for the event.  A portion of the proceeds go to Dress for Success, certainly a worthy cause. Apparently there’s a shuttle from the Ferry Building.  I’m a little concerned that the shuttle is a boat. I should probably investigate that.  And look!  No wine from the Burgermeister!  Win!  Drink up girls this one is going to be fun!

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