Bon Mots and Cheap Shots

You know I think it’s time to give this game a ride

One of my clients took that picture.  I love Brian Wilson.  Here he is on Leno.  This guy is 31 flavors of awesome in my book.  And he throws heat.

How far back do I go with the Giants?  Back in 1958 my Mother, formerly from New Jersey and New York, listened to the Giants inaugural season while pregnant with me.  I showed up just before the World Series.  The Giants weren’t there.  Neither were the Dodgers who arrived in California the same year.  In 1962 they went to the World Series and then came the wandering years.  And years.  And years.  Remember when the ‘Stick was astroturf?  Everyone remembers Willie Mays and Willie McCovery.  How many remember Disaster LeMaster?  Or Rob “Whiff” Deer?  That guy would either put it in the seats or strike out.  There was no in between.  How about John “The Count” Montefusco?  Lon Simmons’ voice?  Oh yeah, and The Moonman.

I was a big Will Clark fan.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I think they should have kept The Thrill and left Bonds in Pittsburgh.

Didn’t Kevin Mitchell miss a game because he burned himself on a chocolate donut he had heated up in the microwave?  OK but he did barehand that ball.  How about that awful day in Montreal when Dave Dravecky broke his arm?  And his ensuing battle with cancer.  And his return to baseball.  I was there that day.  The whole crowd was in tears.  I was there the day that they shut off beer sales in the stands forever.  It was a Dodger double header.  I was in the bleachers where the fighting was happening.  We left in the third inning of the second game because it was so dangerous out there.  I have a cap full of Croix de Candlesticks.  Out at the ‘Stick we learned which combination of blankets, scarves, gloves and jackets were appropriate to watch the 4th of July fireworks presentation.  I have a Giants varsity jacket that is so warm that is the only use for it.  I was there the day that Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir and Vince Welnick sang the National Anthem.  I think I took my Mom that day.   Opening day, 1993.  Half the crowd wore t-shirts from the Lithuanian National basketball team.

I have one of these.  An original.

Mine is white.  I remember one opening day sitting over the visiting dugout at the ‘Stick, which was my preferred seat.  I was hollering at Greg Maddox.  I was relentless.  “This ain’t your night Greg.  Feign injury and go take a shower.  The Giants are going to tag you tonight.  Save your ERA, go take a shower.”  It went on and on.  The Giants touched him for 9 runs that night.  I was a Greg Maddox fan since he was a Cub.  He’s one of those nails guys I like.  He gave up a run at Wrigley and came back the next inning and drove in a run.  My kind of guy.  But the Giants beat him up that night and started the season with a W.

I was at the 1989 World Series.  I took my Dad to the Earthquake game.  He didn’t want to go back to actually watch it being played.  I had a ticket package for several years.  I remember giving my parents tickets to “Hat Day” years ago.  My Dad of course wanted to pay for them.  I said “Just send me a picture of you two in Giants caps”.  It’s one of my favorite pictures.  I’ve been on the field several times.  Once with Xica for the original Dog Days of Summer.  A couple of times for “Until there’s a Cure Day.”

I missed the parade on Wednesday.  I had scheduled an open house that day.  Because I’ve been a Giants fan for years, I knew there was no way they would win it in five.  My Giants will take it to seven and then press it to extra innings and then walk in the winning run in the 13th.  That’s my Giants.  Sweet Torture?  Yeah, I know about that.  These guys…I don’t know who they are, but I love’em.

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  • titleslug

    My first game was at the ‘stick before it was enclosed. Giants v Braves. My dad took me after we dropped my grandfather at the airport (my mother’s father. They never got along. It was the only time I met him). Mays was winding down and Aaron was picking up speed. I have that gameday program. Lon Simmons and Al Michaels brought you all the action on KSFO! We found our way back to the stick in ’78; Mike Ivy, Vida Blue, Mark Hill, Ed Halicki, Jim Barr, Bob Knepper (before he learned the split finger from Hum Baby), Daryl Evans, Jack Clark and Larry Herndon are the players that come to mind. These Giants led the West going into Sept!
    I was in the bleachers for the ’84 all star game. I had weekend tickets between 3rd and home, in the upper deck. Great seats for a terrible team.
    I, too, was at the game when Draveky came back from cancer. The Reds were all he could handle. Of course, he could handle a lot. He was great. The crowd was great. And Winedog, I must have been crying right along with you. I was behind the 1st base dugout with a great view of the pitcher’s mound. One week later, I listened in horror when Hank Greenwald’s voice sounded unsure. There was something wrong with Dave! We all cried that day, too. I was there in ’89 when they beat the wild thing and his Cubbies. I was in the upper deck behind the right field fair pole. I still have the ticket stub. I had game 4 tickets. It was supposed to be played on my Dad’s birthday. It wasn’t. It was re-scheduled for 10 days later. My birthday. My fiance and I had planned a weekend in Carmel, for my Birthday. I gave the tickets to my dad. It’s the only World Series game he’s been to. It was a clincher! (I was at the clincher the following year when the A’s were swept by the Reds).
    I took my son to his first game in 1999, at the ‘stick. It was a cold and rainy Saturday in April. The Giants sucked! The Padres kicked their butts. The tickets were a gift from a client at FNF in SF. My son wasn’t a fan that day, but he’s grown into one.
    This year’s team tortured me personally. I went to 6 games and saw 2 wins.
    I was at the parade, on Wed. I was up all night with my brother, getting out and counting the vote. We drove from Nevada City to pick up my wife and son. I dropped my brother at the airport (he was flying to be with our other brother who was getting married in Cambodia that Saturday). We parked at 6th and Bryant and walked down to Market. What a warm, beautiful, rapturous day! Front row spot, waving at the crazies in the rolling cable cars. We’ll never forget it!
    Winning is both deodorant and redemption. I have the same feeling about game 5, in this year’s series and game 6 in the 2002 series; it pops into my head without warning and takes over whatever I’m doing. Only this time I end up smiling. They did it. They really did it.

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