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And they snuck right out of the door

Where to start?  This is what happens when I get busy.  Let’s start with the bad and end with the good.

How many times do I have to sound the alarm before somebody figures out there’s a problem?  There is a freaking problem people.  Cops are shooting dogs.  Family dogs.  There has been consistently no repercussion for shooting someone’s family dog.  And a ton of stories about it.    If the cops came into my house or yard, I promise you that one or two or three or even four dogs might be barking at them in a threatening manner.  Did these jackasses ever stop to think that if the family dog is standing them down they probably stood down the bad guys too?  If the dog isn’t covered in blood, there probably isn’t a bad guy in the house.  So why go in and why shoot the family dog?  How about calling the alarm company and asking the homeowner to come home PRIOR to shooting an 11 year old arthritic Lab?  These asshats shot Marley fergodsakes.  When is enough enough?

The family says they don’t blame the Oakland Police for shooting their dog. I do.  And yeah, this story is in the legitimate news, but this link is more fun.  I think OPD is taking out their aggression on innocent animals.   Since when is Bambi a public safety issue?  You don’t have a protocol to deal with deer so you shoot Bambi?  WTF.

Breath in.  Breath out.  Breath in.  Breath out.

I’d been following a tragically starved dog at the Martinez Animal Shelter for almost three weeks.  I’d gone down there and asked to view her and they wouldn’t let me see her.  She was supposed to be off of her hold last Friday.  I called Friday, Saturday and Tuesday to inquire about her status.  She was on a medical hold and I couldn’t see her.  Then I get a call from the rescue coordinator on Wednesday afternoon.  If Doberman rescue wants her I have to pick her up by 5pm the next day.  I run my ass off on Thursday to get everything done and arrive at the shelter at 4pm to pick her up.  And then I go and look at her.  She’s not a Doberman by any stretch of the imagination.  And I know, if I don’t take her she is getting the needle in the morning.  What do you do?  You take the goddamn trainwreck of a dog and figure it out.  Meet Little Sister.

Seriously.  Could you let this little face get the needle?  Me either.  I’m kind of hoping she’s a German Pinscher.  If so, they have room and will take her.  If not, I’ll be stalking Tony LaRussa’s wife in hopes that I can circumvent the system and get ARF to take her.  I named her Little Sister because she’s not a Doberman, she’s a little sister.  And I didn’t have a name.  And I asked my Dad to name her and Sister came right to mind.  That’s what he used to call me.

Dear Concord Police, she’s really cute.  But she’s going to bark at you if you come on premises.  Don’t shoot my dogs.  Thanks.

The Hallocks say they want to know what police didn’t use Taser, mace or pepper spray on the dog instead of going right to the deadly force of a handgun. They say they don’t want to sue the department, but they want the change the department’s policy nobody else has to go through same turmoil their family is dealing with now.

Me too.  Is anyone else listening?

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