Bush is a Moron,  It's all Reagan's fault,  Rant

Institution, electrocution

I kind of think our nation has gone insane.  I don’t know if it was the blood thirst after 9/11 or what.  But we suck.  A lot.  The fact that Americans are doing shit like this makes me wonder are we as great as we say we are?  I think it’s just a bunch of imperialistic crap.  We certainly aren’t civilized.  And we’re stupid.  How about these assclowns?  Seriously.  Not civilized.

There’s a portion of this society running around spewing hate and calling themselves Christians.  Now the Wine Dog might be a bit of a junk yard dog from time to time, but I’ve read the Bible.  And I know the tenets that it teaches.  You sir, are having problems with reading comprehension.  As did the Devil himself.  Or the current dumbest guy in the room.

I got one of those bullshit emails yesterday that was just about half truth about Denzel Washington going to the Marine Corp burn unit and pulling out his checkbook.  Close.  Mr. Washington did make a sizable donation to the burn unit on behalf of the troops, he just doesn’t carry his check book with him.  He had his people call their people.  He is a gentleman and a consistent philanthropist.  He quietly does the right thing.  And we don’t hear too much about it.  We get to hear about Michael Vick.  We’re busy worrying about Lindsay Lohan’s latest drug test.  Or Paris Hilton’s last bust.  Or watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Or Snookie’s latest misadventure. What the hell is the matter with us?  Why does anybody watch Glenn Beck?  Why does that guy have a job in the first place?  What can you say about a guy who accused the President of hating white people?  What is the purpose of such a lame comment beyond polarization?  Fear and polarization.  Yet he gets a ton of wingnuts to attend a rally and they think that they are making some sort of break through.  No, the truth is y’all are pining for the good old days.  I call bullshit.

As a nation, we won’t get off of our lazy fat overstuffed American asses and make a difference in this world.  And not just any difference, a positive difference.  There is little honor in a lot of what I’m seeing from our country right now.  Bush I talked of a kinder, gentler nation and then took us in the exact opposite direction.  And now a bunch of wingnuts are pissing and moaning because Obama wants to restore the United States position in the world in the form of a benevolent leader.   These are the same wingnuts who are in favor of torture.  If you still believe torture works, I recommend watching Return with Honor.  It’s about our POW’s in Viet Nam.  It came out in 1998, we ought to have known better.  An aha moment would be when the men talked about telling the Viet Cong a bunch of bullshit to get them to stop the torture.  And the torture they endured was horrific.  They never told them anything that was helpful.  Only bullshit.  Do you really think religious fanatics would behave any differently?  They actually have more reason to hold out.  The torture that occurred in Guantanamo Bay and throughout the system on Bush II’s watch didn’t do a damned thing to advance the fight against terrorism.  In fact, it took moderately committed Muslims and radicalized them, increasing the threat to Americans everywhere.  That’s not progress.  That’s not Christian and that’s not American.

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