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They crawled out of the woodwork

We are getting really close to playing NWA here at PBE.

There has always been corruption in policing.  There has always been good cops and bad cops.  It just seems to me like we’re seeing a lot of the latter as of late.  I should not be the only one concerned about this.  First there was the railroading of me.  I was speeding, so I did break the law.  Write me an honest ticket and leave it at that.  Then we find out titleslug got railroaded, and let me tell you, you know if you’re going 114 or not.  The lady sitting in her car in the parking lot with her seat belt on who got the seat belt ticket.  Sitting in her car, not even moving.  And that’s just my little tiny world.  Now I know the Q is full of people who didn’t do it.  The problem is both me and titleslug did do it, just not the extreme that we were convicted of.  That is worrisome.

I got popped again about 10 days ago.  I was going to show property and needless to say I’ve been having a tough time keeping my head in check.  I wasn’t paying attention and looked down and I was going 95 on the 24.  I immediately got off of it and braked it down.  As I was coming over the next hill there he was.  Unmarked, on the side of the highway.  I was not the only one speeding but I was the one he picked out.  Typical.  I looked down and I was going around 85.  Certainly an improvement on the 95.  He got me.  He said he got me at 85, which interestingly enough was how fast I thought I was going.  But he wrote me for 79.  He said it would be a cheaper ticket.  I can’t be mad at this guy.  He got me dead to right and was cool about it.  Why is it necessary for these other guys to be such dicks?

Auntie and Cousin just left.  They’d been here since my Dad passed.  They were driving Miss Daisy last week and a guy flew by them on Ygnacio.  Auntie mused “Where are the cops at?”  Miss Daisy replied “Looking for my daughter”.  My family thinks I’m a jackass, they always have and probably deservedly.  If they’re taking my side, there is something really wrong.

I’m not going to stop there with the police though.  Number one, never chain a dog.  Number two, if for some unforseen reason a dog does need to be chained, don’t leave them chained until the goddamn collar embeds into their neck.  Number three if you’re a cop and you are that stupid you don’t deserve to be on the force, you shouldn’t be carrying a gun and you should be terminated immediately. And if you do it to a Doberman?  Well, you’re just a good reason to play NWA.

Police stupidity doesn’t stop there.  And in this story it’s really terrifying to any dog owner.  Right now it looks like a minor altercation between a poodle and Parrot who has been called a pitbull and Shar-pei mix alternately in the reporting of the story.

Parrot is [a] two-year-old dog for whom we have cared for almost a month. He has never bitten another dog and is regularly walked along 17th street during the busiest times of day without incident. He’s extremely friendly.

Today, there was an unexpected scuffle between Parrot and a poodle. Aaron, subdued Parrot, who was wearing both a leash and a harness. To do so, he placed his hands in Parrot’s mouth and held it open, which he has done when Parrot gets overexcited when romping in the apartment. As it had in the past, this calmed Parrot down.

At this point, the policeman knocked Aaron off of Parrot. The policeman put his knee in the middle of Parrot’s back while pulling Parrot’s forelegs behind him, as one would do with an armed criminal. Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, the policeman grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the top of the concrete staircase. He threw Parrot over the banister, down twelve steps, and onto the concrete floor. Then, the policeman stood at the top of the stairs, drew his weapon, and executed Parrot. Aaron cannot recall the number of shots fired.

In this photo from the DCist, it appears that the dog is subdued just fine here.  Even after he took the dog away from his owner.  This is not where the cop stopped though.  This is where he took the dog and threw it over the banister and executed it.

Parrot was not a vicious dog.  Dogs scrap.  Hell, Bubba beat the crap out of Ike, I didn’t shoot him.  Loki snarked at Ike too, I didn’t shoot him either.  What in the world makes it okay for these public servants to execute pets?  Is shooting first and asking questions later the current policy?  They seem to think that because a few criminals use them for protecting their drug rings and for fighting that every square headed dog is a problem. They aren’t.  Most square headed dogs live out their entire life without incident.  It’s not that much of a stretch from shooting pitbulls to shooting Rottweilers and Dobermans.  We need to all stand up for Parrot.

There are bad owners and there are bad cops.  Unfortunately a good dog met a bad cop.  In lieu of playing NWA…

Rest in peace Parrot.  Dogs deserve better than you got.


  • titleslug

    I love your passion for dogs! You get it. Respect dogs as dogs. They aren’t people even though we project many human emotions onto their actions. That’s not to say they don’t show “emotions”, they do. We have to relate to their emotions like a dog as opposed to relating to them like a person. A dog wouldn’t do to Parrot what these people did.

    I was at the Giants game last night. Some rich douche nozzle parked his sailboat in the cove. He/She displayed 2 30 foot sashes saying, “Free Johannes Mehserle” (one on the hull and 1 between the mast and fore of the boat). Given my interaction with law enforcement this week, I wasn’t pleased.
    Mr. Mehserle wasn’t convicted of murder (he didn’t intend to murder anyone). He was convicted of manslaughter because he shot an unarmed, restrained, man in the head. He belongs in jail, cop or not.
    Sometimes, when cops get too involved in their power, you end up being railroaded. It costs time and money and it causes tons of stress. Sometimes when cops get out of control people (and dogs) die.
    It’s a hard job, being a cop. Most people shouldn’t be a cop. The asshats who killed Parrot, Mehserle and the nutless wonders who railroad people on traffic citations shouldn’t be cops.

  • lidarose

    Sometime I’ll tell the details of that horrible night when a friend of mine were walking down 1st Street in Gilroy to get coffee after having a couple of cocktails. We were having fun and laughing, and a Gilroy cop, who was a total dickhead, drove up. He even called in back-up. He chose me to harrass…it was so scary and demoralizing! I got so upset..almost to the point of losing it…he played on it to the max. One thing I learned straight up…when a police officer takes you to task…just keep your mouth shut and answer the questions, stupid. It was one of the scariest and most humiliating 30 minutes of my life. But then there was the officer who caught me in the commuter lane after a horrible day at the title company…it was Valentine’s Day…he let me go and I was as guilty as sin. He liked it that I had my credentials in order…Saved me over $300…thanks officer! Bad cop…good cop…

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