I know tomorrow brings the consequence

Here’s a title problem for all you title dogs out there.  Or a City government problem.  It’s definitely a problem.  Interestingly enough it involves the largest most crooked builder in town.  Yep, the Seeno family.  You may remember the saga of the fence?  The storm blew down the fence and I asked them to split the cost.  They said “no”.  They didn’t bother to call me back, they made me call and call until they decided to give me an answer.  Then I asked them to get me the materials at cost and they ignored me again.  In the end, my insurance company bought the materials and my cousin and his wife built the fence with me.  But I did not forget.

PIQ. Oh it felt good to type that.

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Less than 8 days ago the neighbors, at least those of us within 300 foot radius of the Seeno property received a notice that the Seeno family had requested a variance on that property.  They intended to bulldoze the ONE residence and remaining out building and horse corrals and build three two story luxury custom blah blah blah homes.  We are a neighborhood.  We mobilized.  Every single homeowner who abuts that property showed up to a 9am hearing.  That should have been a clue to the Zoning Administrator, G. Ryan Lenhardt that there was a problem.  Nope.  He rubber stamped Seeno’s project.  This clown sat there a nodded approvingly while some little Seeno wanker stood there and said it was fine to drive three garbage trucks every Friday morning down this little lane to service Seeno’s three new homes.  Three garbage trucks, every Friday morning rumbling within 8 feet of the front windows of the other homes which sit on the lane.  People have lived on this private lane since the 50’s.  It was not designed for three lots in the back.  Seeno and Lenhardt call it “in fill”.  I call it an overburdening of an easement.  I wonder what governmental doublespeak term they would use if it were their homes losing a chunk of the front yard?  It’s my neighborhood.  We are a country setting, that’s why I call this place The Farm.  Legally I can have two livestock here today.  I wouldn’t but I could.  Although right now I’m wondering what the most obnoxious form of livestock is.  That might be my response.  No one will buy a monster home with a chicken coop RIGHT NEXT DOOR.  Yeah, chickens, that might be the solution.  I could use fresh eggs.

At the end of the day Lenhardt railroaded the rest of the neighborhood.  It was a total lovefest between him and Jackie Seeno.  As a student of body language I can promise you that the agreement was already in place and he was very proud to give Jackie Seeno what she wanted.  She has manipulated the Planning Department for her financial gain, but that family is already rich enough.  How manipulative is this bitch?  She brought her Grandmother’s cookies to the homeowner’s one the lane when they presented their original plan, which naturally looks nothing like what’s happening now.  Bait and switch. Cruella d’Ville.  She is a bad, evil person and Ryan Lenhardt is a shill.

The Seeno’s home is the big parcel a little to the right of the marker. Do click on that to see the magnitude of that home.

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Seeno has a history of criminal behavior.  Just last February the FBI raided their offices.  Or how about threatening an elected official?  It’s really too bad that Concord can’t behave like Benicia.  Lenhardt didn’t bat an eye when I brought up Seeno’s environmental record.  Oh, did I mention that the Mt. Diablo Creek runs through this property?  It runs through my property too.  I am downstream from this property.  It’s common knowledge that the old man got his start by muscling the City Council to get what he wanted.  It looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

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  1. “PIQ. Oh it felt good to type that”

    Once a title geek, always a title geek.

    In addition to the overburden, you might want to see if there are cc&r’s which restrict each lot to one sfr. Of course, the only people with standing to enforce would be within the tract covered by the declaration. Unless you want to try to argue “general plan”.

    The trouble with fighting this fight is the amount of money available on the other side to pay for the lawyers…

  2. That’s why this one will be fought in the media. We’re preparing letters to all the outlets. They love injustice around here. I don’t think there are CC&R’s on this parcel, none in the starter I already acquired. There’s CC&R’s on mine. They are applying for a variance to do this and I think that’s where we stop them. It’s incongruous to the neighborhood.

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