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Oh my goodness!  Sometimes something happens in the comment section at PBE that I can’t hardly contain myself.  I’m going to quote this one.  It appears here.

I have read this blog on and off for the past 3 years.  I used to work for a Title Co and got laid off in 2007.  Prior to the company I got laid off from I worked for Foley.  My husband has worked in the wine industry for the past 15 years, and has been at the present winery for 5 years.  Two years ago Foley bought the winery were he works.  Now that Foley owns it we have a conversation every Friday night about who Foley fired during the week, who Foley laid off, or which employees got smart and walked out.
One of your first few lines stated that you wonder when the wine industry will find out that Foley is Satan. I guess it will take a while longer as Foley has just been nominated for “Man of the Year” by the Wine Enthusiast. They got it so terribly wrong.  I have lived in a famous wine region for all of my life (hence my name—Old Prune Picker, which is what this valley was made of before grapes). Foley knows nothing about the wine industry…he just likes to flash his money around.
So lets all Boycott anything to do with the “Wine Enthusiast”, their magazine, catalog, wine shop and website.


For what it’s worth the Chalk Hill sale went through last week.  Just another reason to hate Bill Foley and another wine to boycott.  And maybe a letter writing campaign to Wine Enthusiast.  That might be my little weekend project.  Who’s with me?

I was back up at Horse Jail yesterday.  I thought I got a great video but I didn’t.  After the kids had pony races, which is really a round of red light green light on a pony, the instructors got the kids out of the arena, took the saddles off the ponies and let them run.  And run they did.  Ponies can get up to a gallop in the arena because they’re smaller, the horses can’t.  The ponies ran laps and did jumps and all kinds of cool stuff for the kids.  I really need to read the manual on this phone of mine.  I could have gotten a great video, but I got nuthin’.

I was talking to another guy who was up there.  He’s a friend of the owner who was out of town.  His job was to be an adult and be sure that if a horse got sick the vet got called, be sure the puppy was safe, be sure none of the kids got hurt, crap like that.  That translated into hanging out and bullshitting with me all day.  The discussion started with me complaining that the ticket I got had little to do with traffic enforcement and everything to do with revenue generation.  He agreed and backed it up.  He has a friend who works in the court system who said that the Walnut Creek Police have a quota of five tickets every month they have to hit.  Their traffic commissioner is just running people over in court, just like what happened to me in Concord and they aren’t even allowing community service.  He had a friend who got a safety belt ticket sitting in the Safeway parking lot in a parking space not moving.  He said he saw the silver buckle and that’s how he knew she didn’t have it on.  She did.  He lied.  That’s what we’re up against people.

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  • dolphyngyrl

    Personally I’d like it if the quacks in Martinez would send arrest notifications the way they’re required to. But that’s probably a gripe of a different color.

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